5 Must Have Qualities Of A Good Truck Driver

Many people often underestimate the challenges of a truck driver’s job. According to an outsider’s perspective, all a trucker needs is the ability to operate a big vehicle and be able to sit for long hours. However, this is not the case, and as any professional truck driver would tell you, there is a lot more to the profession than just sitting behind the wheel for a long time.

Therefore, if you’re seeking to become a professional truck driver, there are certain skills you must possess. Below are the top 5 must have qualities that you will need to become a good truck driver in Surrey, BC.

Education And Training

If you believe that a good car driver can efficiently handle a truck, you are completely wrong. Education and training are necessary to become a successful truck driver.

It is important to note that a truck driving profession doesn’t require you to have a degree or a diploma. However, professional training from a renowned truck driving school is necessary to learn how to drive these huge vehicles. Knowledge, driving skills, and practical experience are all crucial skills you need to become a great trucker.

Moreover, most employers in the trucking industry prefer truck drivers with certificates from a reputable training school. So, getting your training from such a school will also help you land a good job.

Mechanical Skills

For any great driver, having mechanical skills is essential. These skills can range from having a basic understanding of a vehicle’s functionality to performing simple repair and maintenance tasks. Having these skills will allow the driver to deal with vehicle problems and take proactive steps in emergencies. Mechanical skills also help truck drivers ensure that their ride meets compliance and other safety standards, contributing to a safer working environment for the truckers themselves and everyone else on the road.

If a truck driver has mechanical skills, changing a tire, fuse, a light bulb, or dealing with a dead battery or other car problem won’t be difficult for him.


A truck driver’s job is not only limited to driving a truck. He must also be responsible enough to handle the various trucking tasks assigned to him efficiently. For example, since trucking usually involves transporting goods from one location to another, a great truck driver must provide safe and timely delivery. For a responsible truck driver, late delivery is not an option.

Moreover, a responsible truck driver will follow strict safety, product assurance, and customer satisfaction rules. Good truck drivers know how to deliver things on time while keeping them in the best condition possible.

Stress-Management Skills

Truck driving is a stressful occupation. There are many challenges truck drivers face during the day. However, if they have good stress management skills, they can easily deal with these everyday setbacks without letting them get to their head and take a toll on their mental health.

Stress management is an essential part of a truck driver’s career. It helps them stay sane, make proactive decisions during work, and stay alert during long hauls. It also helps them become aware of the pressure that the job might have on them and their families, especially when they have to stay far away from their homes for weeks and sometimes even for months.


Unlike most office workers who work just a room away from a support department that can offer them help and advice, truck drivers have to deal with problems independently. Since all truck drivers spend most of their work time alone on the road and away from technical support, they must know how to tackle unexpected obstacles such as traffic jams, mechanical problems, cargo issues, and more along the way.

Great truck drivers should have the ability to solve every problem on their own. They must be able to make the right decision in case of an emergency and should have the basic knowledge and skills to solve a problem whenever and wherever it occurs.

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