Trucking has always been a well-paying and sought-after career in Canada. However, the increasing dependency on trucking for transporting goods, food items, and more have kept the trucking industry looking for more qualified truck drivers.

While the trucking industry looks for drivers, many individuals are looking for lucrative investment opportunities in the trucking industry as owners or operators. Some seasoned truck drivers are even seeking reemployment after retirement. Now there are more opportunities than ever before for cartage drivers to earn a lucrative income.

All cartage companies are actively hiring drivers to meet the increasing freight requirements of the country. However, if you are a retired driver, then going back to the road as a CDL license holder needs some re-training and knowledge of the new standards. Professional truck driving schools are offering short refresher courses for such individuals to start earning again.

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Who Needs A CDL Driver Refresher Course?

A driver who has not been driving a truck for a long time is encouraged to take a driver’s refresher course. Also, those drivers who are willing to return to the truck driving occupation after a long absence should take these courses. Not only does this training help to improve safety, but it also familiarizes you with the new changes and regulations that affect a drivers’ operations.

If you:

  • Want to restart your career as a truck driver after retirement
  • Want to pursue a different license accreditation, including that for perilous material load
  • Have not been driving as a full-time driver for a long period
  • Have been involved in an at-fault or no-fault collision
  • Have not gained training on ECLS (Electric Driving Log Services),

then you should consider taking a CDL Driver Refresher Course.

If you are an active or an in-service driver, you may be wondering whether this course is for you or not. You can take this course too. It can help you keep yourself updated and equip you with extra resources and knowledge, boosting your confidence.

An additional benefit is that, in some cases, it can lower your truck premiums if you have completed your training.

What Does A CDL Refresher Course Provide?

There are various affordable options available for drivers willing to take the CDL Refresher Course. The course duration and price may depend on the content of the course and the level of re-training a driver requires. Some courses can last for three days at a school, and others may be offered online, with written and road test requirements to pass.

CDL Refresher Courses provide training to drivers and helps them to learn Class A or Class B CDL licenses. It also gives them the golden opportunity to enhance their overall driving skills. Some important skills you may learn from these courses include:

  • Know mandatory maintenance and repair procedures
  • Gain safety training and acquire truck repair skills
  • Learn defensive driving techniques helpful to be safe on the road and reduce the chances of collisions
  • Understand state and federal rules and laws for over-the-road hauling
  • Learn strategies and trip-planning tips to ensure you have a successful and safe trip
  • Know the best security practices to secure your cargo
  • Gain experience in handling coach and long-haul and commercial trucking equipment
  • Learn to keep track of hours of service, truck driver operations and other safety operations you should know

However, the greatest advantage of the CDL Refresher Course is that it lets the cartage companies know that you have the required skills to join them. It also assures that you have the safety skills and they are up to the recent demands.

This course can also guarantee a job at cartage companies as they are looking for people familiar with the changed regulation and experience. It will be a new beginning for your truck driving experience. With this new experience, you’ll be able to acquire lots of confidence, knowledge and the motivation to start again if you’ve not been driving for a long time.

CDL Refresher Courses enable you to get back on your career path after its successful completion. With this course, you’ll be able to restart your journey and be ready to hit the road. With lots of benefits and a variety of training tips, this course can prove to be a booster for your driving career.

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