Becoming A Truck Driver: Some Pros & Cons To Help You Decide

The movement of freight tonnage makes the basis of any country’s supply chain, same goes for Canada. Approximately 90 percent of all the commodities moved across the country go on trucks. It is also responsible for 60 percent of Canadian trade with the United States, its largest trading partner. Without the trucking industry and its CDL holder drivers, it would be impossible for the public to have timely access to what they need every day.

Over 63 million shipments were transported by the Canadian trucking industry in 2018, generating 621 dollars per shipment revenue. It employs over 300,000 truck drivers with an average salary range from 55,000 to 65,000 dollars annually. In addition to this, drivers are often given bonuses by the mile, which enables them to earn significantly more.

Read this post to find out about some of the pros and cons of being in this industry to make an informed career decision.

Benefits Of Choosing Truck Driving As A Career

Truck Drivers Have A Higher Entry Salary

The average starting pay for a CDL truck driver is around 35,000 dollars in Canada. This figure includes all routes and hauls that you take across the country. If you are willing to only have weekends off, then as a new trucker you can earn double the amount in your first year. Opportunities like owner-operators in the industry can also help you to earn a lot more.

Today, the commercial trucking industry is among one of the few industries that do not require a high school diploma for you to earn a significant salary. Earning your CDL, keeping a clean driving record, and meeting your delivery deadlines will help you succeed.

Earn Benefits Similar To Other Workers

Getting behind the wheel will earn you plenty of benefits in addition to your primary salary. Like most full-time workers, you will be eligible for insurance coverage such as medical, dental, and life, as well as a retirement plan. Some commercial trucking companies offer paid holidays and vacation time to their drivers, depending on the type of hauling you want to do.

Because there is a shortage of truck drivers in Canada, these advantages can begin as soon as you start your employment.

Easy To Get A CDL

You need to know how to operate heavy vehicles like trucks and trolleys if you want to start your career as a commercial truck driver. There are many truck driving schools in Canada that offer training programs to help you earn your Commercial Driver’s License or CDL. The cost of these programs varies depending on the level of certification that you want to achieve.

Big Rig Driving School offers Class 1 and 3 training packages throughout British Columbia. You have multiple options for training hours and tuition costs to choose from. You can get practical knowledge and hands-on experience about handling heavy vehicles such as semi-trailers, 18-wheelers, road trucks, and long-distance heavy haulers from our accomplished truck driving instructors.

The Downsides Of Choosing Truck Driving As Your Career

Working As A Trucker Can Be Lonely

Working as a professional truck driver means you will be spending long periods of time on the road all by yourself. Even if you opt for short-haul or local loads, you are still going to be on the road all day without interacting with people in general. You might have to be away from your family for weeks on end.

You might see a lot of sights along the way that will remind you of your loved ones back home. The loneliness you experience in a truck driving career can be a significant disadvantage for many people.

Difficult To Maintain A Healthy Diet

For a truck driver, eating good meals and maintaining a healthy diet isn’t as easy as one might think. Your food choices may be limited in variety since your options tend to be limited to items picked up at a convenience store. Eating a sandwich at a rest stop is nowhere as good as having a freshly cooked meal at home. Some people also face nutrition difficulties if they eat fast food for many days as a way to meet their deadlines.

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