How To Choose A Truck Driving School For Your CDL

Starting a career as a commercial truck driver is a big decision. Making informed choices about selecting the right truck driver training school is equally important once you decide to follow this career path. Deciding on which truck driving school to go with is the first big step towards earning a spot behind the wheel once you choose to become a truck driver.

Selecting a cheaper truck driving school to get behind the driver’s seat can be quite tempting – but things might not turn out in your favor in the long run. Because not all schools that offer truck driver training are similar in terms of experience and credibility, and selecting the wrong one can have significant implications for you; it can even cost your career.

Are you unsure about where to start and what to look for when selecting a truck driving school? We have compiled a list of factors you need to consider to ensure that you make the right choice.


The location of the driving school and your residence is essential because commuting between two places at long distances takes away a lot from your time, money, and patience. If you live in a remote area, it might be challenging to manage your routine and transport.

Although most cities have numerous truck-driving schools, if you have only one option available, then you might have to either move or make a long commute every day. Consider all possibilities before making a final decision about which driving school you want to attend.


Before you finalize which truck driving school you would like to go with, you need to do some research on the accreditation and state approval status of all the potential driving school options in your area. It is important to know whether your desired truck driving school is recognized by relevant companies, as this will determine whether you can secure employment afterward or not.

Many schools seemingly offer ‘free training’ to their students, so you should always confirm the credibility of such schools to ensure that you don’t get involved in any shady business. Once you are completely confident about your choice, only then should you take the next step.


As mentioned previously, an attractive offer like ‘free training’ can be tempting, but it can cause serious implications for you. Most truck driving schools will offer their trainees monthly pay; it’s good practice to do thorough research for possible funding or grant opportunities before making a final decision. Some driving schools allow their students to customize their payment plans according to their ease, including when and how to pay – some take payment in all forms.

You need to ensure that no hidden costs are present in the payment and the final cost covers all their services. Careful consideration is important here as it’s a big investment that can affect your future career.


One consideration to take into account when deciding which truck driving school is right for you is the time period of the offered training courses and their cost and the course plan. Some trucking schools offer programs that span over a few months while others cover their entire curriculum within a few weeks – choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Another thing that plays an important part in learning how to drive any commercial vehicle is the training medium used, e.g., in-cab or in-class instruction. Choose a program that uses both mediums of instruction in their training course because achieving success as a professional driver requires you to have on-the-road training experience. A general rule here is to ensure that your course instructor has a minimum of three years in the driving field.

Job Placement

The goal here is to get a job as a professional truck driver, so you should verify the job placement history of all the truck driving schools you are considering before making a final decision. A truck driver training school with a high placement percentage of its students in top companies after their training period should be preferred.

Ask whether or not the courses offered have a personal coaching option or if they partner with transport companies to increase your chances of getting employed right after graduation. Trucking companies hire students who are qualified graduates, so if the number of companies hiring students from a school you are inclining towards is low, then you should reconsider.

Your driver training course is the first step to starting your career as a commercial truck driver, so you should take your time to go over everything thoroughly and then make a final decision.

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