Common Mistakes That A CDL Driver Can Make

A commercial Driving License (CDL) is not an easy certification to attain. It requires you to have the right skill set. The best way to obtain these skills is through opting for a professional driving school to learn how to drive big rigs.

Over the last few years, many youngsters in Canada have joined trucking companies because of the tremendous benefits of this industry. However, it is not void of its risks, and you might be misguided by your perceptions. Therefore, it is better to read about some common mistakes a CDL driver or soon-to-be CDL driver can make. These points will help you a lot, keep you on the safe side and enable you to decide whether or not you would like to become a truck driver.

Not Knowing About The Career

Many youngsters, especially students, come into the career of truck driving without doing prior research. They are searching for a better-paying job, so they think that big rig driving will be the best solution for them.

It is true that a CDL driver earns a lot more in Canada and enjoys many other benefits, but it is also a demanding job. You have to make up your mind that you will be away from your home for days and will have to drive in different weather conditions.

A professional big rig driving school will prepare you for that and teach you how to manage your trips and time while taking care of your health. It is best to research on your own a little bit before becoming a CDL driver, so have an idea of how demanding the job is.

Choosing The Wrong Driving School

If you plan to become a big rig driver, learning the skill from a reputed driving school is important. Any unprofessional school will fail to teach you about truck driving skills and how to polish them. A professional driving school will know what a CDL demands and train its students according to it. They will further teach them about the basic mistakes a student can make and how to avoid them.

Giving Up Too Soon

It might be scary to drive a truck, follow the rules, and take care of everything in the initial stages of CDL training. Or, it might be because you do not like your new company and want a change of environment. Whatever it is, it is not advisable to change your company in less than a year.

After completing one year in a particular trucking company, you can apply for some other company for a better job and work environment. Moreover, with time, you can get a good command of big rig driving and acquire the necessary skills to drive safely on the roads. Also, you should ask yourself if you want to be a truck driver and in what ways it can benefit you or your family.

Having Little To No Work Ethic

Getting a job as a big rig driver can be rewarding. However, it also demands professional work ethics, just like any other job does. If you join any company with a negative attitude and don’t welcome any constructive criticism, chances are you will be fired very soon.

This is one of the common mistakes many students make when joining a company or school to learn truck driving. Therefore, you must learn how to communicate with everyone in the office and accept positive criticism from others and grow yourself.


Failing to prepare, not knowing what you want, choosing the wrong driving company, and inconsistency can negatively impact your truck driving career. The only solution to all these mistakes is to join a professional driving school that can teach you everything about it and prepare you for the challenges of big rig driving.

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