Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Choosing A Driving School For Your CDL

Achieving your Commercial Driving License (CDL) is not a small job. You have to go through hundreds of different situations and circumstances to deliver your best. While truck driving or commercial driving is a fruitful career that pays you back for the years you have put into it, any negligence in choosing the right kind of trainer for this job can lead to several issues throughout your career. Therefore, you must choose your driving school carefully to get the necessary training to drive trucks of all kinds on different routes.

This blog post mentions some important points you should avoid when choosing your truck driving school to gain your CDL.

Far Away Location

The location of your truck driving school matters a lot because you would have to travel daily to and from your home for lessons. If it is located too far from where you live, you will be spending a lot of your time and energy commuting.

This will have an adverse effect on your training and will make you feel tired making it more difficult for you to stay focused while at school. Therefore, avoid choosing a driving school located far away from the place of your residence. It is better to go for a driving school in your locality. However, you need to consider other possibilities as well before making your final decision on what school you would like to attend.

No Experience

Learning how to drive a truck is a big deal, so you must consider a good school that has enough trained instructors to teach you. Check their experience and see whether they are capable of teaching you or not. You can ask for references from your friends or family or research on your own to find the most suitable truck driving school for you.

Going After “Free Training”

Free training and lower admission costs might seem tempting. However, you won’t learn as much from those sessions. Such offers usually include inexperienced trainers and a lack of proper vehicles on which you can learn to drive. Moreover, such companies might loot you even more in the name of free training by making you pay for hidden costs.

Rushing Training

Getting a proper CDL license takes about 3-4 weeks. Any training program that promises to teach you in a week will not complete the necessary skills for a CDL. The curriculum should last for about 3-4 or more weeks to get hands-on experience.

A complete course will make you ready for truck driving on a commercial level. Another important part is the training medium used, e.g., in-cab or in-class instruction. Choose a program that uses both mediums of instruction in their training courses. Achieving success as a professional driver and getting a CDL requires you to have on-the-road training experience.

Not Asking For Licenses

Always choose a company that has the necessary licenses. The School you go for should be licensed, certified and accredited. Here is what these mean:


State requirements for staffing, training, facilities, and curriculum.


Licensed by the state, inspected by a valid third party.


Meets standards of the accrediting agency.


It doesn’t have to meet any standards.

How Can Big Rig Driving Help You?

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