COVID-19 And Commercial Truck Driving

The ongoing covid-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in different ways, and it has changed the world we live in permanently. Virtually every industry and workplace had to adopt certain measures recommended by the healthcare authorities to ensure the safety of their workers and avoid financial losses to their business.

With lockdown restrictions and social distancing orders forcing everyone to stay at home, it might look as though the professional truck driving industry is in the clear. Because a truck driver is alone in his truck’s enclosed cab and with social distancing measures in place, it might appear to you that the truck drivers are safe from viral infection – the reality is quite the opposite.

Like any other profession, the commercial truck driving industry had to respond to the covid-19 crisis quickly. The increasing trend in online shopping and e-commerce overall has led to a new high in demand for long-haul truck drivers. Industry analysts have predicted that the impact of the coronavirus pandemic may continue to control the truck driving industry long into the future.

To understand what changes are needed to ensure truck driver safety and the smooth running of the commercial transportation sector in the future, continue reading this blog.

How Can Long-Haul Truck Drivers Stay Protected

With an average age of 47 and above, the commercial trucking industry of Canada is one of the oldest male workforces in Canada. This demographic has the highest risk of getting infected by covid-19 and associated health risks. Despite an increase in the rate of vaccination, most of the Canadian population is still experiencing a daily rise of active infections. To ensure their protection during the ongoing crisis, all commercial truck drivers must follow the safety rules and regulations set out by the authorities.

If You Develop Any Symptoms

  • In the case that you experience any covid-19 symptoms, you must remain at home
  • Get tested for covid-19 and if the result is positive, make sure to inform your work supervisor immediately
  • Stay at home and ask permission from your healthcare provider before returning to work
  • Inform your employer in case you or someone you recently had close contact with is covid-19 positive

Practice Social distancing

  • Avoid spending more than a few minutes outside of your truck during refueling and rest stops
  • For refueling and deliveries, only use electronic invoicing, if available
  • Before shipping any cargo, make an appointment with the facility
  • Load and unload shipments as quickly as possible
  • To communicate with other drivers, use a radio or mobile phone
  • Bring supplies and food items with you to prevent exposure at stops
  • Never share your PPEs and other personal items
  • Avoid physical contact

Clean & Disinfect

  • Clean your steering wheel, seat belt, door handle, gear stick, and other surfaces that you frequently touch
  • If a third party such as an inspector or mechanic requires access to your truck, don’t forget to ask them to disinfect before returning
  • Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, or nose after handling high-touch items
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water
  • In case you don’t have access to soap, keep a sanitizer with you at all times

Follow the above-mentioned health safety protocols for effective protection of yourself and your employees from covid-19 infection. Despite the pandemic and the new-normal the world has had to adjust to, there are certain things that will remain the same. One of them is the demand for commercial truck drivers in the world, especially in Canada.

So if you are thinking about starting a career or switching professions as a commercial truck driver, this is your chance. Because no matter what happens to the country’s economy, as long as there are goods to be delivered, you will still have a job as a truck driver. The best way to dive into this world is by signing up at your local trucking school for a commercial driver’s license training program.

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