How Long Is The Duration Of Truck Driving School For A CDL License?

The truck driving industry is becoming a common career choice among many people in Canada. Canadian nationals and immigrants are opting for truck driving as a full-time career due to the tremendous benefits of the job. A professional truck driver and CDL holder leverage are just one of the many benefits of this job. You earn better, have more flexible timings, and enjoy vacations too. Apart from this, there are many other advantages of becoming a CDL driver.

However, a class 3 license that allows you to operate certain commercial vehicles requires proper training. There are truck driving schools dedicated to teaching you truck driving skills and helping you get a CDL license.

Big Rig Driving School hosts reliable and responsible truck driving programs that you need to become a big rig driver in Surrey, BC, and Western Canada. A truck driving program usually has a CDL Class A, CDL-B, or C training program. The program you enroll in depends on which training you want.

If you are thinking of becoming a truck driver in Canada and obtaining a CDL license, you must go through certain training programs. Find out how long these programs last based on their CDL type.

CDL-A Training

A CDL-A driver’s license is the most versatile and allows you to drive a vehicle weighing 26,001 or more pounds, provided the vehicle(s) being towed is more than 10,000 pounds. This includes driving across the state lines.

This training is more popular among new and seasoned CDL drivers as it allows you to put in more miles each year. This also means more pay and better benefits. A CDL-A license requires you to attend a 3-6 weeks or a 3 months training, depending on your schedule.

You can choose as little training as 3 weeks or as comprehensive as 3 months of training. In a 3 week training course, you will need to take a full-time training course that runs 5 days a week. For this, you will have to attend 40 hours per week.

On the other hand, a 3 months training is better if you want to learn truck driving as well as maintain your studies or job simultaneously.

CDL-B Training

The CDL-B license allows the driver to haul smaller loads compared to the class-A license. The difference between a CDL-A and CDL-B lies in the GVWR for the vehicle or trucks carrying hazardous materials. A vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 or more pounds, towing another vehicle of no more than 10,000 pounds requires a CDL-B license.

The duration of the class-B license depends on your career goals. However, its training can take from 7 days to 3 weeks. The training duration will also depend on the driving school you choose as well as the rules of your province.

CDL-C Training

CDL-C training is ideal for those candidates who want to drive vehicles that carry more than 16 people, like a bus. They also need endorsements for this and necessary training. The duration of the CDL-C license will also depend on the school you choose and your province’s requirements.

Checklist For Becoming A Truck Driver

No matter which CDL type you choose to pursue, there are some things that you must have before becoming a truck driver.

  • Follow a schedule or maintain your routine.
  • Train your brain to be present and alert.
  • Maintain your physical health.
  • Work on your time management skills.


Several factors affect the duration of getting a necessary truck driving license. Your program might be part-time or full-time and whether a third-party CDL administrator authorizes your program or not. Moreover, your chosen truck driving school might offer different durations for each type of CDL training.

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