FAQs About The Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) Program

As we speak, them MELT program and the related government funding assistance have gained immense popularity amongst trucking enthusiasts and industry experts. While many people see these as game-changers for financially constrained and unemployed youth, others view it as a way to boost the transportation industry even more. Apparently, MELT has become the talk of the town. However, amidst this positive buzz, the public seems to be in a state of confusion due to the torrent of information on the internet.

In an attempt to be the first ones to provide the most relevant information, bloggers and academies unleashed a flood of details upon their readers. However, this haste resulted in a massive mix of relevant and outdated information. As a result, people are having a hard time separating the facts from falsehood.

As a reliable truck driving school and one of the lucky academies to be approved to offer the MELT program, we deem it our duty to simplify the matter as much as possible for our readers. Thus, this blog will answer some of the most basic and frequently asked questions regarding the MELT program and the related government funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Too much of anything is never good, even information. Thus, we shall simply the subject as much as possible for you by addressing the most common questions you might have regarding the program and the grant:

What Is The MELT Program?

Prior to the introduction of the MELT program, truck training was extremely unstandardized across Canada. Despite being seemingly reputable, some trucking schools simply robbed innocent youth of their precious money by putting in only minimal effort into the training process. As a result, trucking companies that hired graduates from such schools had a lot to worry about. Likewise, the drivers also felt their hard work was going down the drain.

In view of the aforementioned scenario, the Canadian government established the MELT program as a mandatory course for every truck driver aspiring to go for the Class 1 or 2 road test. As a result of the latter, the government hopes to maintain an optimum level of quality amongst truck drivers so that the industry can benefit from them.

Is It Mandatory To Enroll For This Program?


In the past few years, each Canadian province has gradually been working towards incorporating the MELT program as a prerequisite for the Class 1 road test. As of October 2021, this requirement has also become an obligation here in British Columbia as well. Thus, if you aspire to pursue a successful career as a truck driver, you must take this mandatory training program.

Where Can I Enroll For this program?

To maintain an excellent standard and eliminate unreliable truck driving schools, the government requires every trucking school to fulfill numerous approval requirements and eligibility criteria. Well, we have good news for Surrey residents in this regard. Big Rig Driving School’s unmatched determination and top-notch training have been reinforced once more. We are proud to let our readers know that our school has been approved for the MELT program. Thus, Surrey residents can easily enroll for this mandatory course at their trusted tracking school.

What Is Included In The MELT Program?

In total, the program requires an aspiring truck driver to undergo mandatory training of approximately 140 hours.

These will be divided into in-class and in-truck training as follows:

  • Up to 60 hours of private driving instruction in a truck.
  • Up to 50 hours in the classroom, including the air brake course.
  • Up to 25 hours in yard training.
  • Up to 5 hours in the truck for course review.

How Much Will This Program Cost?

Since the government has not prescribed a certain amount that should be charged for the training, every approved school will have to decide the cost on their own. In this regard, we have tried to keep our profit margins as low as possible to encourage Surrey residents maximum participation.

We have spread the training program over the course of 7 weeks. Thus, the charges will be as follows:

  • $11,999 for the training course, and
  • $300 for books

Is There Any Financial Assistance Available?

Yes, there is. The government realizes that not everyone will be able to pay for this course. As a result, it has announced the following funding assistance programs:

  • WorkBC Centre Services
  • Indigenous Skills and Employment Training
  • BC Employer Training Grant
  • Community Workforce Response Grant

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