In the past few years, especially the time following the Covid outbreak, the trucking industry has seen a dramatic boom. Today, it is counted as one of the most rapidly growing industries worldwide. By 2027, the global freight trucking market is expected to reach a remarkable peak of US$5. 5 Trillion. Naturally, many youngsters and seasoned professionals were drawn to the sector. The need to transport cargo even within localities shot up so quickly that the whole world faced a sudden severe shortage of truck drivers.

In order to keep up with local and international demands, trucking companies entered a fierce competition to hire the best trucking talent available. As a result, they offered lucrative salary packages and a remarkable pack of work benefits and incentives. The youth long troubled by underpaid jobs and joblessness saw these offerings as a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel of hopelessness and helplessness.

However, we know there is that one question at the back of every aspiring and current truck driver’s mind that they are too scared to voice out, “Do we have any prospect of progress in this industry?”As a truck driving school, we understand your apprehension, concern, and perplexion better than anyone else.

Even if your current pay scale is satisfactory, we know everyone has a desire to grow in their fields in some way. Traditionally, it was hard to envision the next step after becoming a truck driver. However, in the contemporary era, the advancement opportunities provided by the industry will leave you stunned.

In order to help you better understand your future prospects, this blog post will explore the diverse career growth opportunities in the trucking industry for truck drivers.

The Future Of Trucking

Before discussing career advancements for truck drivers, let us examine what the future holds for the industry as a whole and whether the industry’s current growth potential is short-lived or will continue in the long term.

As a trucker, you may have often found yourself in a debate on whether or not the trucking industry will be able to maintain its current rate of expansion. While many experts view trucking as a prosperous industry, others simply regard the boom as part of a temporary bubble that will burst soon. However, we want to make it clear that the latter is utterly untrue.

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One thing you must understand is that the trucking industry is still unable to meet its demand. Thus, it will continue to expand in the future, although the expansion rate may come down. However, a complete reversal of the current position is out of the question. Why? Because the need to transport commodities can not be expected to go down. Hence, the prevailing fear that some drivers will be retrenched in the future due to overmanning is baseless.

Career Advancements For Truck Drivers

Unlike in the conventional world, truckers have a variety of career paths to pursue. Once you have attended a good trucking school, passed the relevant truck training programs, and attained your CDL, the next step is to keep your record clean, as this will determine how far you’ll survive in the industry. After gaining experience as a truck driver, the following growth opportunities will be available to you.

Growth Into Management And Supervisory Positions

These growth opportunities are for those that acquire a firm grip on the theoretical concepts besides truck driving. Suppose you are a diligent driver and can also easily understand and handle other technicalities like delivery schedules, coordination, driving hours, etc. In that case, you stand a solid chance of securing a management or supervisory position in your company.

Driving Instructor

If you have all the qualities of a good truck driver but the long driving hours do not suit your preference anymore, a career as a truck driving instructor is an incredible option. Instead of roaming the roads, you will spend your day in a truck-driving school, proudly passing on your knowledge to aspiring truckers. Although the profession’s prerequisites vary from country to country, they generally revolve around the following:

  • A valid CDL
  • Specific years of experience (three years in most cases)
  • A Spotless driving record

Business Owner

Last but not least, you can launch your own trucking company if you have the financial means and the investment. Although this path is very challenging, good truck drivers with a passion for entrepreneurship should not have any problems with the challenges. In the end, this path pays off better than all the others.

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