How Do Truck Drivers Stay Awake For So Long?

Being a truck driver is not an easy job. A truck driver has to be on the road for hours. Sometimes they may find themselves travelling on roads at rush hours in major cities that can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. Whereas sometimes they may find themself on a road in the middle of the night with no cars and people, which can be very lonely and frustrating.

Long-haul truck drivers have to drive hundreds of miles across the country that may seem never-ending. Drivers are often required to work 10-12 hour shifts in order to make their deliveries on time. Hence truck driving is an exhausting and sometimes monotonous job. So, to ensure the safety of everyone, truck drivers have to maintain full awareness throughout their journey.

But how do truck drivers stay awake and keep themselves focused for such long periods of time? Many truck driving schools give training to their truck drivers to keep them fit, focused, and healthy while driving. In this blog post, we will discuss how truck drivers keep themselves awake for so long.

By Avoiding Sugar

A high intake of sugar makes it difficult for truck drivers to focus while driving. An adequate amount of sugar makes the driver not get sleepy while driving but an excessive amount of sugar will go straight into their bloodstream and cause a spike in their energy levels. This will make it difficult for them to focus on driving. Therefore, truck drivers are advised to avoid sugar. They should consume fizzy drinks and other desserts or candy bars in moderation.

They Keep A Consistent Sleep Schedule

For a truck driver, it is not only important to get the right amount of sleep rather they have to maintain a consistent sleep schedule. Many new drivers make the mistake of driving for long distances and only taking breaks for short periods of time instead of getting a full night’s sleep. This is a very dangerous decision and can put the lives of other drivers on the road at risk. Getting a full night’s sleep helps the drivers to remain active and healthy. So, truck drivers need to maintain a consistent sleep schedule and stick to it. This helps them to focus and remain alert while driving.

They Keep Themselves Hydrated

Another thing that helps keep truck drivers alert and awake is by staying hydrated. Truck drivers drink plenty of water to keep themselves hydrated and avoid other drinks such as carbonated drinks, sodas, and juices to avoid extra sugar. This keeps them awake and active while driving on the road.

They Exercise Regularly

Another thing that truckers do to keep themselves healthy and active is by doing exercise regularly. However, it is very difficult to exercise with a busy truck driving schedule. But truck drivers are advised to do 10 to 15 minutes of exercise. This helps them to stay fit and active during duty. By doing exercise they keep their heart rate up this makes it easier for them to stay awake and focused while driving.

Limited Caffeine Intake

Caffeine and energy drinks give a boost to the energy level of truck drivers. Truck drivers use caffeine to keep themselves focused and awake during long driving hours. But they are advised to control the amount of caffeine they intake as huge amounts of caffeine can mess up their energy levels and can make it hard for them to concentrate on driving. Therefore truck drivers in order to stay awake take a limited amount of caffeine in a day.

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