Can An Immigrant Become A Truck Driver In Canada?

As each day passes, truck driving is becoming a more and more popular career choice in many countries worldwide and Canada is no exception to this reality. As home deliveries pick up pace in the near future, more and more truck drivers will be needed to deliver the purchased items to the relevant addresses. Resultantly, trucking companies will offer mouth-watering employment packages to stay ahead of the competition. Hence, a trucking job seems to be a pretty lucrative career option for many.

However, there is a group of people who still feel a bit perplexed regarding the matter at hand:


Regardless of the type of employment or the country they reside in, immigrants always remain under the impression that the locals will enjoy preference over them. In developing countries that face a severe shortage of job opportunities, the former fact may be true. However, developed countries like Canada wholeheartedly welcome foreigners and give them equal employment opportunities.

Hence, the answer to our initial question as per the title is ‘yes’. An immigrant can become a truck driver in Canada.

As the top-rated and most reliable trucking school in Surrey and across BC, we shall dedicate today’s blog to the question at hand and educate our immigrants regarding everything they need to know to enjoy a flourishing career as truck drivers in Canada.

Instead of pouring out everything on a single plate, let us feed you the information in bits and pieces for easier comprehension. To achieve the latter, we shall divide the information into questions and answers:

Do Canadian Companies And Their Government Offer Trucking Career Opportunities To Immigrants?

Well, let us start by debunking the myth that often invades an immigrant’s mind. Every year, hundreds of thousands of families and individuals migrate to Canada. Why? Because the country provides unmatched employment opportunities and perks. According to CIC News, Canada is preparing to welcome more than 400 00 immigrants in 2022 and 2023.

Now, let us look at the statistics of the trucking industry in particular if the above is not sufficient enough to convince you. As per the Canadian trucking Alliance, the country is looking forward to hiring more than one million immigrant truck drivers in the current decade. The latter is being done in light of the current shortage of truck drivers in the country.

The above information comes from a reputable authority and should clear all your doubts.

Are There Any Prerequisite Documentational Requirements Or Legal Procedures To Be Met?

Of course, there are. Canada boasts one of the world’s strictest road regulations and safety requirements. Hence, you should be ready to abide by the legal requirements prior to taking up a Career on Canadian roads and even afterwards. One mishap could lead to the cancellation of an existing licence or the denial of a new one for a fresher.

For you to apply for a position as a truck driver in Canada, you must:

  • Possess a valid driver’s licence
  • Have a clear driving and criminal record
  • Be able to demonstrate your physical fitness for the job through a medical test
  • Pass a written examination
  • Provide a language test certificate to demonstrate your communication and understanding skills

You can also apply for a job in Canada through a Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Who Can Help Me With All Of The Above?

We know the above information will be a bit overwhelming for you. But worry not, because the situation is not as tough as you might perceive it to be. As an immigrant, you are surely unaware of the right steps to take and need proper guidance. At this point, it is essential to not fall prey to the hands of thugs disguised as agents claiming to help you find a job in return for a lump sum of money.

Instead, simply enrol for truck driving lessons or refresher programs with a trusted trucking school. The driving instructor and their team will skillfully enlighten you regarding the Canadian road and trucking industry regulations and diligently lead you towards obtaining your Canadian Commercial Driver’s Licence.

Which Type Of Truck Driver Should An Immigrant Become?

People often look towards developed countries for working opportunities that pay more so that they may lift their standard of living of that of their families. As a result, immigrants are often ready to work longer hours under tight working conditions for better pay. However, the Canadian trucking industry values the rights of all employees and often gives them an opportunity to negotiate the terms of their services.

Since better pay is an immigrant’s top priority, we would recommend that you opt to be a long-route truck driver as the position pays quite well. However, note that you will also get ample rest time after your trip as an added benefit.

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