Some Important Qualities Of A Professional Truck Driver

Being a truck driver is not an easy job even if it’s one of the most well-paid careers in Canada. Driving as a profession requires more from the driver than you might believe at first glance. People who have never attempted to drive a truck might think that it’s a simple job, but the truth is far from it. A truck driver must have certain skills to be deemed a professional.

Professional truck driving is more than just driving a truck from one point to another, and being a skilled trucker requires more than just being able to steer a wheel. The first step to becoming a professional truck driver is to earn your CDL, but a good trucker must have other important qualities as well.

So, if you are thinking of getting into this field, take a look at the following characteristics of a great truck driver so you will know what qualities you must possess or develop in order to succeed.


A Good Sense Of Direction

Today, most vehicles such as modern trucks and buses are equipped with some of the most sophisticated navigation and GPS technologies available. They help to knock off your delivery deadlines by streamlining your trucking routes. Moreover, they account for closed roads, weather setbacks, traffic congestion, as well as give truckers a heads up about toll roads.

While it is good to have access to such technology, however, relying completely on electronic equipment is a foolhardy endeavor if you end up in a situation where your gear malfunctions and leads you astray. Professional truck drivers should possess a good sense of direction and have their bearings.

A broad understanding of your regional geography, as well as sound knowledge of interstates and highways, can be a great deal of help. Additionally, knowing how to read an old school map is also something a truck driver should know.

Reliability And Trustworthiness

In today’s modern and competitive marketplace, a lot of things depend on the timely delivery of products and goods. Commercial trucking companies rely on their drivers to transport their goods to their destinations safely and efficiently. Reliability is highly desirable in truckers when a job needs to be completed. Hiring agents of commercial trucking companies look for a strong track record of reliability when hiring new drivers.

Thus, being a reliable truck driver will help improve your overall reputation in the industry. Like in other industries, more and more trucking companies are looking to hire people they can trust to be their partners, not expendable, subordinate workers. Bringing a reliable and trustworthy attitude to the table will definitely get the ball of good opportunities rolling for you in the future.


When you enjoy the work you do, it makes it easy to do a good job. Truck driving is no different in this regard. There may be days when you just want to pull over on the side of the road and take a nap, enjoying the sunset view from time to time also sounds good. However, maintaining the motivation to not only get your job done but doing it with proper effort is an excellent trait to possess.

A great way to improve your reputation as a reliable and respectful trucker is by being motivated to do a great job for your client or company. Having the motivation to get something done is one of the top qualities required in a commercial trucker responsible for an important load.

Motivation is also needed to keep yourself physically and emotionally healthy and on top of your game. It helps you to eat a balanced meal and get a good night’s rest when you have to be on the road for 10 hours daily. Having motivation can also be translated to keeping your truck in good working condition.

For example, possessing the motivation to get an issue with your truck fixed on time is a great way to ensure you meet your deadlines. This way you can avoid a minor repair from turning into a major truck repair job. Without the proper motivation to care for yourself and your truck, truck drivers run the risk of losing control of things.

Therefore, you must do everything you can to achieve the level of motivation where you are happy doing your work the way it needs to be done.


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