Important Topics To Teach In Truck Driver Training

Well trained drivers can reduce the ratio of road accidents. If your trainer has missed some important topics in your drivers training, then you can make serious mistakes on the road. The responsibility of truck driver training is important as they have to handle heavy vehicles.

Good Truck driving training schools teach the driving skills that can help minimize accident risk. Heavy vehicle accidents can be more dangerous than car accidents.

A truck driver should learn some important facts in their training. This will help the driver improve their driving skills so they can drive safely.

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Distance Guide

This is one of the crucial points in truck driver training. When drivers maintain an appropriate distance between their vehicles, the possibility of collision is reduced. The driver should always maintain a 5 to 10-second distance from the vehicle ahead of them. By maintaining a good distance, the driver can handle the situation. In case an accident happens, the driver can take measures due to the distance and reduce collision risks.

So the driver should be trained to maintain a reasonable distance from the other vehicles. The trainer should take a distance test of the driver and check if the proper distance is maintained while driving or not. Moreover, during bad weather, this distance should be increased.

Highway Driving Rules

Truck drivers have to spend most of their time on the highway. They should be aware of all highway rules to reduce highway challan cases. The government has developed certain highway rules, so it is mandatory to follow them. Otherwise, your drivers licence could be cancelled.

Lane Changing

A truck driver should be trained about all heavy vehicle road lane rules. The truck should change the lane carefully and slowly to minimise collision chances. The truck’s size can cause issues for other vehicles while changing lanes.

During truck driver training part of the training should include proper guidance about rules to change lanes. These instructions should be included in the driving classes session.

Bad Weather Low Visibility

Driving in bad weather becomes difficult. Only experienced drivers can have a safe drive in bad weather. Truck drivers have to drive day and night in all types of weather. They should be trained to drive in bad weather. The trainer should teach bad weather and low visibility driving techniques. The trainers should also take low visibility tests of drivers to know how they will drive in bad weather.

Back Driving Tricks

Back vehicle driving is tricky, so the trainer must give a detailed explanation about the techniques and angles to move the vehicle back.

Most accidents happen during back driving. Therefore a distance guide is important to follow in back driving as well.

Signal Rules

Truck drivers have to drive on highways. They should know and understand the meaning of signals. The truck drivers should do a course during training in which they learn the meanings of signals and the actions which should be taken in response to each signal.

The driver should then give a signal test to show they can identify each signal and know what each signal means. Truck drivers have to drive within cities, so they should know the rules to drive in busy areas so as not to harm any residential area.

Pre Driving Vehicle Check

The condition of your vehicle should be checked over before starting a trip to ensure the truck is ready for the trip. During the training, the truck driver should learn all mandatory formalities before starting a trip. These checks can include diesel level checking, engine oil checking, battery checking, tire condition check etc. The trainer should guide the results according to which vehicle is ready for a trip.

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