How The MELT Program Will Help Fight Unemployment In Canada

Unemployment is undeniably one of the biggest challenges for every government throughout the world. Although developing countries face a severity in this regard, developed countries have also not completely eradicated this nightmare. Regardless of the situation, it is not hard to understand why unemployment is such a big concern for the government and the public alike. After all, survival without a source of income is impossible in today’s modern world. Thus, a government must ensure its people are employed to help the nation flourish as a whole.

Accordingly, the Canadian Government has announced an excellent funding opportunity for aspiring truck drivers to enroll in a MELT (Mandatory Entry-Level Training) program in any of the approved big rig driving academies. The good news for Surrey’s residents is that Big Rig Truck Driving School is also one of the lucky trucking schools offering class 1 license training that has been approved to offer the MELT program. Hence, Big Rig’s team is ecstatic in being given an opportunity to play a part in combating the issue of unemployment.

In order to help our Canadian youth make the most of this opportunity, this blog will discuss Canada’s current unemployment standing and how the MELT program grant will help to combat unemployment.

Canada’s Present Unemployment Stance

Unemployment is a global concern regardless of a country’s financial strength and political superiority. Thus, Canada is no exception to this reality. Following the Covid-19 outbreak, Canadian unemployment rates have dramatically fluctuated and remained uncertain at times. When things seemed to be gradually taking a positive turn, the Omicron variant added fuel to the fire that seemed to be taming down in the past few months.

Due to the latter, Statistics Canada reported the unemployment rate to have risen in February 2022 to 6.5%. This boils down to a loss of 200,000 jobs in Canada since January this year. Although Statista predicts a decline in the overall unemployment rate, the real numbers will still be significant. Thus, the situation is not trivial.

Amidst these seemingly dull realities, the trucking industry emerged as a light of hope. As we speak, Canada speculates a remarkable boost in the trucking industry. The overall rise in online shopping during the pandemic has increased the demand for truck drivers. Evidently, every dark cloud has a silver lining.

To meet the surging demand, trucking companies are on the look to hire the best truck drivers in their areas. Thus, the cutthroat competition amongst these companies has resulted in these companies offering highly lucrative employment packages to aspiring truck drivers.

However, there is still one apparent problem. Financially unprivileged youth can not pay to enroll in a truck training program. However, the Canadian government has successfully sought out a solution to this problem. The government has announced various grants and funding assistance to its youth.

How The MELT Program Grant Will Aid In Curbing The Unemployment Rate In Canada

Although curbing unemployment is an unending battle, governments often do whatever it takes to provide their citizens with some bit of relief. However, the MELT program and the related funding assistance will do more than the latter. This government endeavor will ensure that aspiring truck drivers are adequately equipped with the necessary skills to secure a permanent job in the trucking industry.

Currently, the government has announced the following funding opportunities for class 1 MELT:

  • WorkBC Center Services
  • Indigenous Skills and Employment Training
  • BC Employer Training Grant
  • Community Workforce Response Grant

Evidently, the grant will help numerous aspiring truck drivers to pursue their dream of a successful truck driving career without worrying about the costs. Although the eligibility criteria of each province will differ, the general requirements could include:

  • An 18 year lower age limit.
  • Possession of a non-probationary driver’s license.
  • An aspirant should be unemployed and be able to demonstrate their eligibility for Employment Insurance.
  • Adequate English speaking skills.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to participate in the training and the desire to pursue a full-time trucking career.
  • Must meet citizenship requirements.

All in all, this grant is a golden opportunity for every aspiring truck driver deterred by the training costs to live their dream.

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