MELT Program In The Province Of British Columbia

As we speak, the Mandatory Entry-Level Training Program is gradually being implemented in every Canadian province. To accelerate the implementation process and its acceptance by the public, the government has also announcedm numerous types of funding and grant opportunities. As expected, this announcement provoked a wave of excitement among people, which gained the MELT program even more popularity.

Industry experts and aspiring trucking enthusiasts view this funding opportunity and the program itself as a golden chance to enter one of the most well-paying Canadian sectors. While the main federal aim behind this program was to standardize truck driving training and maintain its quality, it ultimately also sought to eradicate unemployment and help Canadian citizens attain and retain a dignified source of income.

As a result, the public rushed to the internet in search of relevant information, only to be left perplexed by seemingly contradictory facts. As one of the most reputed trucking schools and a government-approved offerer of the MELT Program in BC, we are here to help you get answers to your questions. We understand that the sudden flood of information is hard to swallow, and it is difficult to separate facts from fallacies.

Surprisingly, the reason behind the public’s confusion is not myths but the somewhat contradictory information available on websites of different truck driving schools. What you need to understand is that although the general principle is the same, the prerequisites for the MELT program, its implementation timeframe, and other technical aspects slightly differ from province to province.

Thus, through this blog, we shall shed some light on the progress of the MELT program in British Columbia.

MELT Implementation In British Columbia

Well, let us start with our own province before talking about the rest. Honestly speaking, MELT has become the talk of the town in BC very recently. Since the program is new to the public and trucking schools, there is relatively more confusion about it here.

Enthusiasts who aspired to obtain a Class 1 commercial BC driver’s license received the news of the provincewide introduction of the MELT program on the 31st of March 2021. As per the announcement, the primary goal of the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure and ICBC was to make Canadian highways safer. Hence, aspiring truck drivers will need to complete the Melt course from an approved trucking school before taking the Class 1 road test.

This mandatory requirement became effective on the 18th of October 2021. After ICBC’s continuous consultations with the commercial driving industry, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Public Safety, and the Solicitor General. In the case of BC, a minimum of 140 hours of mandatory training is required from a reputable and approved trucking school before a road test.

The good news for Surrey is that Big Rig Driving School is also offering this program. Enroll with us to enjoy a prosperous career in the trucking industry. Our curriculum is well aligned with the Standard 16-Class 1 Entry-Level Training framework introduced as part of the National Safety Code and best practices from other jurisdictions as well.

Funding Opportunities For British Columbia

One of the biggest challenges for many underprivileged individuals is the lack of financial resources. British Columbia is no exception to this harsh reality. However, the government of BC, in collaboration with the federal government, has announced numerous funding opportunities for those who cannot afford to pay for the program. This is an incredible chance for every aspirant in BC to enter the trucking industry.

The various funds and grants include:

Click through these links to determine your eligibility and get more information regarding the grants.

MELT Program Prerequisites For BC

As discussed earlier, the prerequisites for the MELT program vary from province to province. Nevertheless, the most critical prerequisites for BC are as follows:

  • The aspirant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • They must hold a valid and full Class 5 license.
  • Lastly, they must also possess a class 1 medical certificate.

Note the requirements for MELT and those to obtain a CDL are two different things.

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