8 Mistakes You Should Avoid To Pass Your Driving Test

Are you excited yet anxious about getting your driving license? It is an intense situation, and not everyone passes. It demands having the proper driving skill and getting trained from a professional driving school that has taught you the ins and outs of driving on the highway.

If you are a learner and looking forward to passing your driving test to get your license, you should be prepared to overcome any testing situation you may encounter. So, you must know which mistakes to avoid in order to ace your test. This blog post mentions some of the mistakes you should avoid in order to pass your driving test.

Not Checking Your Mirrors

Checking your rear mirrors and adjusting them according to your need is perhaps the first thing you should do after sitting in your car. Your supervisor on the test will notice and might deduct you marks for not checking your mirrors. Rear mirrors are useful when you want to change lanes and see traffic coming from behind. Ignoring this can make you vulnerable to serious accidents.

Not Wearing Your Seatbelt

Safety should be your utmost concern. Many people forget to wear a seat belt while doing their driving test, giving an irresponsible impression to the supervisor. Always wear a seatbelt and adjust your seat to drive safely.

Pushing The Brakes Too Hard

Hard braking is acceptable in an emergency only. Before going for your driving test, make sure you know how to use your car’s brakes and are familiar with your car’s brake system. Hard braking without any reason is jerky and doesn’t give a good impression of the driver.

Not Maintaining The Right Distance

You should maintain the right amount of distance from the cars ahead of you. Following them too closely can lead to colliding with their bumpers and causing problems. Ideally, a 2-second rule is good to maintain distance between the vehicles. This means that you should cross the same point exactly 2 seconds after the car ahead of you has passed that point.

Not Being Careful On Turns And Roundabouts

Most students panic when they have to make a u-turn or go on a roundabout. They press their brakes too hard, disturbing the traffic behind. Be careful and slow down your speed progressively to ensure that no one is disturbed. When driving on a roundabout, make your way when enough space is available and give way to traffic coming from the right side.

Not Caring While Reversing

Driving in reverse is intimidating for most people. Therefore, you should be extra careful while reversing your car in front of your supervisor. He should not feel that you’re having difficulty doing it. Here is how you can efficiently reverse your vehicle:

  • Look through your rear window
  • Use your rear mirrors
  • Use the screen on the dashboard of your car

Having an accurate idea of the distance behind you is important to reverse your car safely without hurting anyone.

Not Stopping Completely

It is taught by every driving school that you come to a complete stop at a ‘stop’ sign and red signals. You might have seen people roll through them. However, you might be penalized for this if you do this on your test. Therefore, you should completely stop your car.

Not Enrolling In A Driving School

Driving schools are there to teach you how to drive professionally. They are aware of the traffic rules and teach you how to pass your drivers test and drive on your own. Such schools have different programs to offer.

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