Is It Okay To Obtain CDL Training During The Winter?

If you are considering starting your career as a truck driver and are looking for a professional school to help you train for it, you are at the right place. Big Rig Driving School offers several courses to give you the training you need to get your CDL license and prepare you to start your career as a professional truck driver.

There might be some doubts and fears in your mind about learning to drive a truck and getting your CDL license, especially during the winter. No doubt Canadian winters can be harsh, and driving a truck during this season is no less than a challenge. However, with a good driving school, you can get the best training making you ready for every challenge on the road.

This blog highlights the details about learning how to drive a truck in the winter.

Should You Learn How To Drive A Truck During Winter?

Many newbies are concerned about learning how to drive a truck in winter due to safety hazards. However, driving schools nowadays are equipped with modern tools and trucks that are safe for learning. Such trucks are safe to handle, and their better grip technology makes them ideal for learning how to drive in winter.

Another advantage of learning how to drive a truck in winter is that relatively fewer students sign up to learn truck driving during this time. So you can expect a smaller class size which means that your instructor will have more time to spend and focus on you. This will also give you more time to practice and drive on the road.

People might prefer to get started during the spring so that they can get used to handling the truck before winter hits. But learning how to drive during the winter season can help prepare you for icy road conditions and other challenges that those who received their training in spring won’t have.

Also, there are several major holidays and school breaks throughout the winter. That is when most people would rather be with their family and spend time indoors. So, you will get the maximum attention of your instructor.

Have A Professional Trainer

It can be scary to handle an 80,000-pound rig. However, receiving training from a professional company means that you will be trained by an experienced trainer.

Such trainers allow you to drive the truck when the conditions are manageable but can take over if it gets to be too much.

What If You Have Never Driven In Snow?

You are almost certainly going to spend some time learning how to drive a truck in the snow. There are many handling techniques specific to snow-covered roads, which don’t apply anywhere else. So, spending your training time with an experienced trainer can help you learn what you should know about driving in the snow.

Winter Truck Driving Checklist

Driving in the winter or even learning how to drive in the winter can be quite stressful. Therefore, you must be prepared to ensure you remain safe. Some things you should keep in mind and have with you include:

  • Keeping an emergency kit
  • Driving slow
  • Having enough light
  • Paying attention to your tires condition
  • Inspecting your truck before driving


Starting your career as a truck driver can be quite challenging, but can be even more difficult to learn during the winter. However, with the help of the right kind of professional school, you can be confident about driving a truck on snowy roads.

How Can Big Rig Driving School Help?

Big Rig Driving School has earned its reputation for reliable and responsible truck driving programs in Surrey, BC, and Western Canada.

Our well-trained and polite local truck driving instructors will offer you a positive, comfortable, and encouraging learning experience throughout the course. At Big Rig Driving School, we offer Class 1 and 3 training packages to our clients throughout British Columbia. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you want to enroll yourself in our professional Class 1 and 3 driver training programs.

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