Exclusive Class 1 & 3 Driver Training Packages In Surrey, BC

At Big Rig Driving School, we offer Class 1 and 3 training packages to our clients throughout British Columbia. Get practical knowledge and experience about handling heavy vehicles such as road trucks, semi-trailers, 18-wheelers, and long-distance heavy haulers from our accomplished and friendly local truck driving instructors.

Our Truck Driving Lesson Packages

  1. The fee per each individual lesson of 60 minutes is $130.00 payable at the start of each lesson
    • Big Rig Driving School Ltd also offers the following package price(s):

28 Hours

Class 3 Training Package

The fee per each individual lesson of 60 minutes is $100.00(Automatic) & $110(Manual) payable at the start of each lesson. Learn more

  • 25 Hrs of training consisting of pre trip, air brakes, in-cab observation & driving
  • 3 Hrs ICBC Road Test
  • $1800 for Automatic Truck
  • $2500 for Manual Truck(Additional 5 hours)
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140 Hours


The inaugural MELT session begins on OCTOBER 20, 2021. Our MELT Program will clock in at approximately 7 weeks in length, along with an increase in tuition. Learn More

  • WorkBC Centre Services
  • Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Fund
  • BC Employer Training Grant
  • Community Workforce Response Grant
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8 Hours

Class 4 Training Package

This unrestricted/restricted license is a requirement for Uber/Lyft, taxi, and bus drivers (with a max seating limit of 25).
Course cost is $75/hr. Learn More

  • Make a good earning and be your own boss by driving Uber/Lyft, with the help of our Class 4 Training Package
  • $499 for training (4 hrs pre-trip & 4 hrs on the road)
  • Additional $250 to use driving school car for testing
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  1. With the approval of the instructor, the student may use the school vehicle for additional road test for an extra fee off $1700.00 includes 10 hrs training.
  2. Standby Road test fee is $200 per hour with a minimum of 5 hours.
  3. We offer one-on-one on the road training, one-on-four in yard training & one-on-fifteen in class theory class.
  4. Student must give the school a minimum of 24 hours notice if cancelling a lesson to avoid being charged (for the lesson or $120.00 late cancellation fee.)
  5. We do not offer refunds for lessons already completed. If the student has prepaid and wish to discontinue training full refund shall be made for lessons not booked. However, lessons already taken will be charged @ $120/hr and the balance from deposit will be returned.
  6. Students must give the school 72 hours notice to cancel a road test booked by the school. Failure to do this may result in ICBC charging the student a $25.00 late cancellation fee, for which the student will be liable.
  7. Price and dates are subject to change without notice.

Behind The Wheel Truck Driving - Get Real Driving Experience

At Big Rig Driving School, our highly skilled Class 1 and 3 driving instructors teach people of all ages and use their increased expertise to make the learning process easy and enjoyable for all. They strive to give their students a great learning experience and instill confidence in them through their undivided attention and continuous learning process.


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