Pre-trip inspection is important for all types of vehicles, but it is even more significant for trucks and on longer journeys. A professional truck driving school teaches budding truckers all about a pre-trip inspection to ensure their safety throughout their journey.

Keep reading to learn all of the important tips and tricks you should follow for a comprehensive pre-trip inspection, so you can make sure that your truck is ready to be on the road.

The Importance Of Pre-Trip Inspection

Safety is a major concern for both new and experienced truck drivers. Handling large-scale commercial trucks and vehicles can be difficult, especially when they are not providing optimum performance.

Regular pre-trip vehicle inspections play an integral role in ensuring that the trucks are in the best possible condition and completely safe for the drivers. Modern security systems also allow drivers and experts to set up alerts that are received whenever there is any kind of mechanical issue with the commercial truck.

A pre-trip inspection is also a part of legal requirements in Canada. Any commercial vehicle, such as a truck, trailer, or tractor that has a gross weight of more than 4,500 kg, has to comply with the regulations of pre-trip inspection in Canada.

Legal requirements make it compulsory for truck drivers to perform a thorough pre-trip inspection before starting the shift and once every 24 hours when they are on the road. Let’s thoroughly discuss the various components that you will have to cover in pre-trip inspection procedures:


The engine is definitely the most important part of any vehicle, including a truck. An engine is composed of many other subsystems and components, such as a steering system, front suspension system, water pumps, front brakes, belts, hoses, cotter pins, and many more.

It is important to make sure that all of these components are working properly and that these components are mounted correctly and securely. Getting help from expert technicians is critical for thorough inspection and repairs. However, you will get to know the basics of inspection at a commercial driving school.

Fuel Area

Regularly checking the fuel and fluid levels of your truck is important to make sure it can provide maximum power. Otherwise, you can get stuck in the middle of the road due to a lack of fuel, low battery power, and other such issues.

Inspecting the fuel area of a truck means you have to check its fuel tank, battery, airbags, mirrors, and exhaust system. Generally, experienced truckers will not make the mistake of not checking the fuel level before going out on a long journey. But this is a very common mistake among new truckers.

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Some of the major components in a truck’s braking system are the brake hose, brake chamber, brake drum, and brake lining. Compared to the other technical parts of a truck or commercial vehicle, it is quite easy to inspect the quality and effectiveness of the brakes. As a general rule, you should remember that there should be no leaking air in the brakes.

Make sure that every component, including bolts and nuts, is securely mounted and does not have any chips and cracks.


Lights are important to ensure maximum visibility and safety on the road. They make sure that you are able to see other vehicles on the road and avoid getting into accidents.

You should carefully check the quality and brightness levels of the headlights, reflectors, brake lights, and turn signals. Regularly clean the lights to get rid of the dirt and debris that might be affecting their quality.

Coupling System

The major components of the coupling system are airlines, locking jaws, and skid plates. Pre-trip inspection of the coupling system includes making sure that the system is undamaged and completely locked in.

Moreover, you should also make sure that the coupling system is well-lubricated so that all of the components are working efficiently. Otherwise, the entire performance of the truck can be affected in terms of speed and fuel consumption.

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