As a reputed truck driving school in Surrey, we always strive to provide every educational material, guide, and manual to help aspiring truck drivers accomplish their career goals. We have compiled an unending list of blog posts to coach aspiring truckers regarding the various benefits of trucking, its challenges, associated risk, etc. Although we primarily provide technical truck training, we also feel there is a need to enlighten prospective truckers regarding general informative topics.

For this reason, today, we will help you prepare to take the first few steps in the trucking employment realm. In this regard, the first crucial step is the interview phase. Sadly, many people believe that the trucking industry is not as professional and formal as other sectors. Resultantly, they disregard the importance of a formal interview process. They believe knowing how to drive a truck is sufficient enough to enter the industry.

What they fail to understand is that the trucking sector has evolved significantly, and so have its operations. Unlike the stereotypist thinking that trucking was a last resort for unskilled and illiterate individuals, the profession is the most highly paying and lucrative profession throughout the world. Given the high return on investment and the preceding employment perks, the industry has turned into a first-come-first-serve battlefield.

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Therefore, simply knowing how to drive a big rig is no longer the only requirement for a successful career in the industry. So in this blog post, we shall enlighten you regarding the five most crucial questions to expect from your prospective trucking employer.

Why Do You Want To Pursue A Trucking Career?

After requesting a simple and short instruction of yourself, one of the first crucial questions you will encounter will be about why you want to take up a trucking career. In fact, you must expect this question in an interview regardless of your chosen professional path. For this question, you need to provide the perfect mix of your future goals and what motivated you to enter the industry as your answer.

Although the monetary reward is a vital part of any profession one undertakes, you should not base your answer solely on the financial outlook. Instead, you could explain your love for adventure and sightseeing or enthusiasm for road trips. Likewise, you could also say that a family member or friend in the trucking industry inspired you to pursue this voyage.

Similarly, you could also talk about the various growth opportunities in the industry that intrigued you. Regardless of your reason, just keep your response as natural as possible.

Do You Have The Mandatory Professional Training?

To improve the safety of the truck drivers and other traffic, the Canadian government has made it compulsory for every truck driver to enroll in mandatory entry-level training (MELT) in a government-approved truck training school like Big Rig Driving School.

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Naturally, a prospective trucking employer would want to know whether you have the necessary mandatory training. If you are fresher and planning to pursue a career in the trucking industry, it is in your best interest to enroll in the MELT program with us.

Have You Enrolled In A Truck Refresher Program?

Besides mandatory training, the interviewer will also ask if you have recently undertaken any truck refresher program. This program helps an experienced truck driver refresh his knowledge about the industry, the technology, and the relevant laws. Since these technicalities change every few years, an interviewer will want to ensure that you are well acquainted with the recent industry updates.

What Is Your Greatest Strength And Weakness?

Every employer wants to hire an honest, self-aware, and reputed employee who knows their strengths and weaknesses. When an employer asks for your greatest strength, give an answer that will help the employer assess how your skills will help the company. Confidently relate your key strengths to the trucking job at hand and explain how these strengths helped you in the past.

Similarly, when the interviewer asks about your weaknesses, never say you do not have any. Although everyone wants to make their prospective employer believe they are perfect, the employer knows you are human and imperfect for that reason. So openly speak about your weakness. However, you must tell your employer the steps you will take to mitigate your shortcomings.

Why Do You Want To Work For Us?

This is the time when the employer wants to see whether you are a good fit for the company culture. Thus, you must do ample research about the company and draft your answer in a way that will help the employer see how you will play a part in achieving the company’s objectives.

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