There has been a significant decrease in the number of truck drivers around the world, including in Canada. A lot of reliable trucking schools are offering training programs, but there are certain factors due to which people are shying away from becoming professional truckers.

The purpose of this blog post is to thoroughly discuss the major reasons that are causing the shortage of truck drivers.

Shortage Statistics

Canada is facing a shortage of truck drivers, as official statistics indicate that there are over 26,000 job vacancies in the trucking industry. This significant demand-supply gap is expected to increase to over 50,000 jobs by 2024.

The following are the major reasons why the number of professional truck drivers is decreasing:

1. Changing Demographics

The primary demographics of truck drivers are male drivers aged 45 years or older. Most of the current drivers will reach their retirement age within a decade. As a result, there will be fewer truck drivers in the market.

Stereotypical beliefs that the trucking industry is meant for men are also playing an integral role in this decrease. Women often tend not to join the truck industry due to these stereotypes and concerns they might have about their safety while on the road.

The technological revolution is also playing an integral role in limiting the demographics of the trucking industry. A lot of people are now preferring careers in other fields related to development and technology.

2. Work Conditions

Lack of training and knowledge about how to navigate the trucking industry results in a lot of new drivers quitting their jobs. There is definitely a risk of facing different kinds of dangers and harsh work conditions when truckers are on the road. But with professional truck driving training , they will be able to handle such circumstances.

The specific work conditions that a driver faces can greatly vary. Some drivers are responsible for hauling freight all over the country, while others might have the duty of transporting hazardous materials from one place to another. Thus, proper training is also vital to prevent accidents that can happen on the road.

The risks associated with truck driving due to harsh weather conditions cannot be understated. A lot of people face challenges in driving in the rain, snow, and other dangerous weather conditions. Therefore, people who are afraid of facing such challenging situations are less likely to join the trucking industry.

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3. Job Requirements

Being a professional truck driver can be challenging as you have to sit in the same place for hours and maintain maximum concentration and focus on the road. People who are not passionate about driving a truck can get exhausted mentally and physically due to this tough routine.

In order to be an excellent truck driver, you should consider going through a truck refresher program from time to time. Such programs can help you learn about all of the latest skills, knowledge, and techniques you should know to navigate the trucking industry.

Moreover, regular breaks from your daily routine are important to rejuvenate you. If you are a professional truck driver, you should definitely pay attention to both your mental and physical health. The latter will ensure you are fully fit to be on the road.

4. Lack Of Training

People often tend to ignore the significance of professional truck drivers training. However, you cannot expect to become an excellent driver without getting training and advice from experts.

Completing a truck driving training program is important not only to learn how to drive trucks but also to get familiar with the strategies and tips that will keep you safe on the road.

Ultimately, learning from the experts of a reliable truck driving school like Big Rig Driving will help you get your commercial driver’s license and be a part of the trucking industry for a long time.

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