Top 2 Reasons For Failing A CDL Test & How to Avoid Them

Commercial trucking can be a great career choice for many people. Nevertheless, a truck driver needs to have a good sense of responsibility. He/she is not only responsible for transporting goods safely to their final destination but also required to ensure the safety of others on the road. If you’re looking to become a CDL trucker, you’ll be tested in several ways to see how you’ll fare behind the wheel, including state-mandated written and skills tests.

However, some people might fail their test the first time. The reason for failure may vary for each person but some of the reasons for failure are common. You might attend a well-renowned and reputable truck driving school and study hard, but still make mistakes or miss key questions on your skills test.

This post talks about some common reasons you might fail a CDL test and tips to avoid them.

Lack Of Effort

The written tests are not hard but you might not be able to pass them without studying. This is true especially if you don’t pay enough attention during your training classes. Driving tests contain many tricky or scenario-based questions that require a thorough theoretical knowledge to answer correctly.

Thus, a non-serious and causal approach for preparation can prove to be a major factor in failing your test upon the first attempt. One thing most people forget to consider is that for earning a Class 1 CDL, you may have to take multiple written tests to qualify for driving different types of vehicles, including trucks, trailers, tractors, a school bus, and more.

To prepare for and pass such rigorous testing, you need to practice self-discipline and actually make an effort to study. A good way to do this is by paying proper attention in your driving school classes and preparing well before appearing in the exam to avoid any failures.

Letting Your Nerves Take Over

The most important thing is to not let your nerves take over before you do your test. Some people get nervous which affects their cognitive thinking. This is a major factor for failing a CDL test. All new truckers face difficulties during the training process. Some might struggle with questions in the written test, while others might find it hard to perfect specific skills, like backing up in a straight line.

You must remember not to panic if you find it difficult to understand or get a handle on something. You can ask your driving instructor to help you in finding ways to get through the difficult parts of your training. Many trucking schools allow students to practice after-hours on their equipment so take advantage of that.

You must try your best to stay calm when it’s time to take the tests. This stands for both written and skills test. Some tips that can help you relax before and during a test include:

  • Make sure to get a good night’s sleep before the test. Stop all activities 30 minutes before bedtime to clear your head.
  • On the day of your test, take the questions one at a time. Don’t focus on how many are left.
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths if you start getting nervous.
  • Dress comfortably and weather appropriate for a skills test, so you are not affected by weather and have a full range of movement.

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