Refresher Driving Programs For Class 1 & 3 Drivers!

Have Your Driving Skills Refreshed By The Best Professional Truck Instructors In Surrey BC

Big Rig Driving School offers refresher programs in Surrey, BC, and surrounding areas for drivers who already have experience operating heavy vehicles in the past but want to revive their driving skills. Our refresher driving course is specifically designed for Class 1 or 3 GDL licensed drivers. It aims at helping them improve their skills, enhance their road safety knowledge and boost their confidence behind the wheel.

We understand that there are several reasons why some drivers might want a refresher course. You might need it to get back into practice, or want to take the course to rebuild confidence on the road following an unfortunate accident or mishap. This is why our professional instructors are trained to listen to your needs and help you accordingly.

Why Should You Sign Up For This Course?

We recommend joining our refresher course if you have any concerns about managing your vehicle appropriately on the road. Some other reasons you should sign up for this course include:

  • You’re facing backing issues
  • You need to pass a pre-employment road test
  • You need to upgrade from Automatic to Manual Driving
  • You took a break from the industry for some time
  • You’re experiencing problems with shifting
  • You need mountain driving training
  • You need winter driving training (chaining up)
  • You need to refresh your knowledge about flat deck cargo securement
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