When it comes to truck driving, you will have several options that will influence aspects of your daily life. One of the important decisions you’ll need to make in your professional life is whether to drive for your trucking company on short or long hauls.

While both have advantages, they also have drawbacks that you must consider to decide which is best for you and your way of life. Being Surrey’s top-rated truck driving school, we’ll examine both of these career options for you. Find out what differentiates short-haul trucking from long-haul trucking below.

What Is Short Haul Trucking?

The act of operating smaller trucks locally—within a 150-mile radius of the truck’s origin—is known as short-haul trucking. Smaller trucks that perform better on city streets and stay within a predetermined radius are typically driven by short-haul truckers. Short-haul truckers might transport supplies to building sites, retail goods from fulfillment centers, or food to supermarkets.

What Is Long Haul Trucking?

Driving bigger, heavier trucks over long distances, typically within a 250-mile radius of the truck’s origin, is known as long haul trucking, also known as “over the road” trucking. Many long-haul truckers travel between cities, provinces, or the entire country, covering hundreds of thousands of miles annually. Long-haul truckers frequently use highways rather than city streets.

Short Haul Vs. Long Haul Trucking

While there are many similarities between short and long-haul trucking, there are also some significant differences that can help you choose the career that best suits your objectives. Completing a comprehensive training program from a truck driving school will allow you to examine the different provisions of the job and make an informed decision about your career.

Nevertheless, here are some common differences between short and long-haul trucking:

Time On The Road

How much time you’re willing to spend travelling and being separated from your friends and family is the deciding factor here. You must stay organized as a truck driver and plan out each trip in advance.

You’ll spend more time away from the people you love if you drive long distances for a living. On occasion, you might get to spend the weekend with your family, but other times you might have to travel across Canada for weeks or even months at a time.

Although long-haul trucking pays more, it also necessitates several personal sacrifices. You’ll frequently miss out on significant occasions like anniversaries and dates. On the other hand, if you decide on short-distance trucking, you will get to go home every night.

Average Pay

The average pay is one of the factors that influence most long-haul truckers’ decisions. Long-haul and short-haul truckers earn significantly different salaries. Over-the-road truckers can make more money by travelling farther distances and staying away from home for longer periods.

Some businesses may pay their drivers by the number of miles they have traveled, while others might pay each driver a base salary. Additionally, some long-distance cargo may require specialized handling, which is compensated even more. In other words, if earning money is your main motivation, long-haul trucking is the best option.

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Short and long-haul truckers may need different levels of training. Even though both short and long-haul drivers frequently require a CDL or commercial driver’s license, long-haul drivers typically require more training for longer drives.

For long-haul drivers, the majority of employers offer three to six-month truck driving refresher programs, but they can also enroll in a truck driving school.


There’s an old saying that you will have to spend more money to make more money, and this is certainly true in the trucking industry. Short-distance drivers have more free time and sleep at home every night. As a short-haul driver, you won’t have to consider costs like meals, showers, reserving hotel rooms, etc.

However, many long-haul truckers live in their vehicles since they spend the majority of their time there. They typically rent an apartment to reduce their spending as they don’t have to pay for home maintenance.

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