How To Stay Healthy As A Truck Driver

Without a doubt, a career as a truck driver is an excellent choice. From lucrative salary packages to the thrill of exploring various landscapes, the trucking industry has a lot to offer. If we talk about Canada in particular, the rising demand for truck drivers and the rivalry amongst companies to hire the best candidates have caught the spotlight in recent years.

Everyone wants to be the next lucky candidate to step into the industry. To add fuel to the fire, the government has announced various grants to help unemployed citizens find a dignified source of income.

While these career opportunities have enjoyed quite a positive reception countrywide, some people have their concerns. After all, a lucrative salary is worthless if your health deteriorates. As Surrey’s most well-known truck driving school, we’ve encountered several students torn between pursuing this career path and maintaining their health. With a role that requires you to sit and drive for long hours, weight gain and back pain are inevitable.

To be honest, their concerns are not groundless at all. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, long-haul truck drivers have a greater possibility of acquiring numerous chronic diseases and are generally more obese compared to other professionals. This scenario is not only apparent in Canada but also in other countries. The US NIOSH also reveals similar findings with regard to the health of its truck drivers.

Now, the crucial question is, how can truck drivers maintain their health with these long driving hours? This blog post strives to answer this question by providing some valuable tips to help existing, and aspiring truck drivers stay healthy on the road.

Excellent Health Tips For Truck Drivers

Success and health are perhaps the two major things that are never served on a platter for you. You need to work hard to attain both. While trucking offers many growth and adventure opportunities, it dramatically disrupts the regular routine of an individual. Going with the flow is simply not a good solution here.

You can’t just sit and wait for things to happen on their own. In order to strike a perfect balance between health and success, you will need to change your routine as a truck driver:

Sleep And Work Out

Hard work is an incredible trait. However, hard work at the expense of your health does not sound very appealing. You must have surely been impressed by hearing the stories of legends who stayed up all night to study or work. But what is the point of such a life?

Remember, the goal behind these efforts is to enjoy a healthy and happy life. Depriving yourself of sleep will only lead to demotivation and depression. Thus, instead of squinting at your phone’s screen, use your free hours to have a peaceful slumber. Similarly, regular exercise should be the first thing you do in the morning as a truck driver since you are going to be sitting the whole day.

These and many other tricks are shared with you in our truck refresher programs and other packages.


Never Skip Breakfast

Truck driver or teacher, breakfast is essential for everyone. This meal will give you the initial boost you need to hit the road. Therefore, skipping breakfast should never be an option for you. Cut a few bananas into a bowl of fresh yogurt and add dry nuts. What could be a better way to start your day?

Change Your Snacks

You can’t completely cut snacks out of your life, but you can surely make them healthier and more suitable for your routine. Instead of french fries and chips, go for hummus, jerky, dry fruits, mixed nuts, string cheese, and dark chocolate.

Go Green

We are not talking about the environment but food today. So truck drivers must go green when eating. Instead of meals filled with fats and carbohydrates, opt for green veggies like lettuce. Accordingly, various salads are a great option. You can complement these with grilled meat (preferably fish) and hard-boiled eggs.

Drink Water And Not Soda

Lastly, soda is terrible for you. In order to stay hydrated on the road, consume water and avoid soda.

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