All Big Rig Driving School driver training courses, lessons, and classes are subject to the following conditions:


All driving lesson appointments are on our premises unless arranged otherwise.

The instructor has the right to re-arrange any appointments should he/she become unavailable to attend the lesson/class for any reason. The instructor will notify you about this as soon as possible.

Re-arranged appointments for individual one-on-one lessons will be made to a time that’s convenient for both the instructor and the driver.

Classes will be re-arranged to another suitable date and time for instruction.

Individual one-on-one lessons are one hour long (unless otherwise arranged).

If your instructor is late for the lesson then an arrangement will be made to make up for the time lost.

If you are late for your lesson then you lose that time of your lesson (unless otherwise arranged at the point of the lesson).

The instructor will wait for 15 minutes at the location. If you are late or don’t arrive for your lesson after this time, an automatic cancellation fee will apply.

For information on appointment cancellations please refer to the cancellations section at the bottom of this webpage.


Drivers and instructors are expected to maintain an appropriate attitude during instruction in class or lesson with each other.

Students and instructors must bring with them their driver’s license at all times during practical on-road instruction and wear glasses if required to drive.

The instructor has the right to refuse commencing or withdraw instruction before or during the lesson if the driver appears (or seems) to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or is abusive.

Drivers should maintain a positive and considerate attitude while driving on-road and listen to the instructor’s instruction for safety.


Fees for instruction are payable at the time of each lesson or class, either by cash or cheque. Alternatively via internet banking prior to the day of the lesson or class. Bank account details will be provided via email with your booking confirmation.

Receipts can be issued on payment upon request.


Big Rig Driving School requires a 24 hours cancellation notice for all appointments. For non-appearances or late cancellations, the lesson may be charged for.


Big Rig Driving School aims to provide the best possible service for all courses, lessons, and classes. If you require any assistance please contact us.

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