The Future Of Women In Trucking

Women in the past were just limited to their household. Their sole purpose was to get married and take care of their families. But now in the 21st century everything has evolved and women’s lives have also changed. Now women do all sorts of jobs from banking to joining the army. We see women being a part of every field. Though in some jobs their ratio is still lower than men, slowly and gradually this ratio has been rising. Trucking is also one of those fields. But day-by-day more women are enrolling in trucking schools to become a part of the trucking industry.

People automatically think about a man, when they talk about a trucker. This is because we have always seen male drivers in trucks in movies, cartoons, and tv shows.

Although the trucking industry has historically been predominantly male, the number of women in trucking has been gradually growing. In the past women were hesitant to join the trucking field because of its male dominance. But now the trucking industry has become more women friendly and is working hard to facilitate women drivers. In this blog post we will talk about the future of women in trucking.

Women Friendly Trucks

In the past trucks were manufactured in a way that they could only be driven by individuals of a larger stature. Women who were short or smaller felt uncomfortable driving them, but now more and more companies have manufactured trucks suitable for the structure of both men and women. Today, more and more companies are considering the needs of women truck drivers and are designing cabs that are more accommodating. Therefore more women are joining the trucking industry.


Safety was one of the major reasons due to which the women were hesitant to join the trucking industry. But now as women are more aware and well equipped to safeguard themselves they feel safe on the open road. There have also been advancements made in the security technologies of the truck making women feel more safe while driving alone on the open road.

Truck Stops

Truck stops in the past only facilitated males. There were no restrooms for women at these truck stops and women used to feel unsafe. But over time this has changed, now truck stops have become more accommodating for women. Truck stops now provide comfort and safety to all the drivers.

Pay Scale

In the past just like every other field, male truck drivers were paid more than female truck drivers. But now men and women are paid equally in the trucking industry.

Final Word

The world has evolved and so has the trucking industry, here men and women are treated equally. However in our patriarchal world there are still many things that benefit male drivers, but slowly and gradually women are making their mark in this industry. Many companies still don’t prefer female truck drivers but with time they will understand how valuable female drivers can be for their trucking industry.

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