Fundamental Tips To Ensure Road Trip Safety For Truck Drivers

Trucking is perhaps the most intriguing and adventurous career path. From dealing with highly technical driving apparatus to exploring varying landscapes, every task brings a wave of immense pleasure coupled with an inviting fresh challenge. As a truck driver, you will learn something new every day and will have a special tale to share with your buddies and family after each trip. Trucking is not for you if you are not full of energy and fear the unknown.

As a professional truck driving school in Surrey, we often put a strong emphasis on driving safety and how to avoid mishaps. You must have noticed the diverse educational material and guidelines on how to become an efficient truck driver. From time to time, we have also tried to help truck drivers maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, today we want to address an important yet mostly disregarded issue in the life of a truck driver – safety from attacks.

Road accidents are not the only unpleasant occurrences you may come across on the road as a truck driver. In a world hard hit by crime and treachery, it is hard to guess what or who will await you on the next turn. Given the long driving schedules, continuously changing routes, and vast traveling distances, a truck drivers’ risk of a possible attack on the road is highly amplified.

We believe that education on truck driver safety is just as equally as important as the technical training they receive. For this reason, we shall use today’s blog post to provide all new and seasoned truck drivers with the essential tips to help them remain safe from attacks on the road.


Have The Right Attitude

Having an inflated ego and a negative attitude are the biggest barriers to a successful driving career. Many truck drivers falsely believe that they are immune to attacks. This kind of mindset is really distressing. Remember that if others can have a bad encounter, so can you. Yet, the worst part is that people with such a mindset are usually unprepared for such mental and physical occurrences. As a result, they are often taken by surprise and do not know how to respond to a situation.

Our exquisite truck training programs also help aspiring truck drivers develop the right attitude.

Ensure Your Truck Is Safe Before A Trip

An opportunity is what a criminal is always on the lookout for, and that is exactly what you should never give them. Thus, before you embark on any trip, especially at night, assess the well-being of your truck to ensure that it will not unexpectedly break down on the way.

Stay Vigilant And Skeptical

As a truck driver, you must always keep in mind that you are fully responsible for the truck and the cargo within it when on the road. Hence, you can not afford even the least amount of carelessness or negligence. You might lose the truck and everything in a slight slip.

To avoid causing such a substantial financial loss to your employer, you must employ a zero-trust policy on the road. Always use your better judgment if someone is being extra nice to you for no reason. Avoid accepting any drink or food from strangers. On the same note, you should also avoid unnecessary stops.

Stick To Your Designated Route

Similarly, never deviate from the decided route. God forbid if anything goes wrong on the trip, your employer and the team will at least know where to look for you. If changing your route is inevitable, inform the relevant people on time.

Keep Your Doors Locked

Caution is key to being safe on the road. If you abide by the basic safety practices, the chances of an attack are highly diminished. Before relying on highly sophisticated security systems, start with the fundamental door locking practice. If you make the latter a habit, criminals will have a hard time accessing your truck’s interior, which will give you the time to take the appropriate actions.

Keep Your Cellphone Close

One of the biggest mistakes most truck drivers make is forgetting their cellphones at home or not charging them. Ensure that your phone is fully charged before any trip and keep it handy at all times. Doing so will help you alert the relevant people regarding a problem and help law enforcement agencies track and save you quickly.

Use Self-Defense When Needed

If you believe your life is in danger, the law gives you the right to protect yourself using reasonable means. However, you must always take reasonable measures and avoid going overboard. For instance, if a burglar is unarmed and you can escape their attack by using pepper spray or kicking them in the right places, using firearms will be considered unreasonable.

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