Top Qualities Of A Good Truck Driving Instructor

Instructors play an essential role in their students’ lives, especially when it comes to teaching them truck driving skills so they don’t make mistakes on the road that can ravage many lives. Truck driving is very different from driving a regular vehicle, and therefore new drivers must get their training from only the best instructors out there.

Experienced and professional truck driving instructors can teach amazing road skills and safety tips to new truck drivers. However, it is not easy to find good instructors these days, as most truck-driving schools hire incompetent and unskilled people.

Below we will mention the top qualities and skills of a good and professional truck driving instructor. Go through these qualities to find the best instructor for yourself in Surrey, BC.


As it is with any other job, experience matters a lot when you’re looking to hire the best instructor out there. By hiring a trainer who has already helped a lot of people earn their Class 1 and 3 licenses, you can be sure that the program you’re about to pay for is worth it. It will also boost your confidence in your trainer’s skills, and you will be better able to open up to him regarding your concerns and questions.

Moreover, the more experience an instructor has, the better skilled he will be at his job. Experience also indicates that the trainer possesses all the necessary qualities to work with beginners and learners with various needs and requirements.

People who have been in the trucking industry for a long time are also more likely to have a thorough understanding of the state’s laws and regulations regarding driving heavy vehicles on the road. They will also be aware of how local test routes and examiners work and what will work best for you to earn that license.


When learning to drive a truck, you’re unlikely to learn everything on the first go. Especially if you’re new to the whole vehicle driving experience, you’ll make tons of mistakes before finally getting everything right. For this purpose, you must have an instructor who is understanding, tolerant, and patient. A good instructor will give you enough space and encouragement to learn and grow until you’re ready to pass the test.

An impatient instructor, on the other hand, can halt your progress. If he gets annoyed and frustrated with every small mistake you make, it’ll likely knock your confidence and make things worse for you.

Friendly Yet Professional

Learning to drive class 3 vehicles is quite complicated and challenging, and you’ll have to go through many obstacles before finally being able to drive properly. During this time, you’ll have tons of questions regarding your training and truck driving in general. However, if your instructor is not approachable and friendly, you may feel that you can’t approach him with your questions.

Not being able to ask questions and raise concerns can stop you from creating a deeper understanding of the vehicle and the techniques of driving it. This is why it is essential to have an instructor who is friendly yet professional and puts you at ease while you’re learning to drive heavy vehicles. A nice instructor will help you enjoy your lessons more.


Truck-driving teachers need to be proactive. This is because learning to drive a truck involves many hazards and problems that require personalized solutions. However, if the instructor only follows a set book of rules and procedures, he may not know how to solve certain problems. Therefore, an instructor must be flexible enough to change his course of action according to the hour’s need.

Moreover, a proactive instructor will be better able to diagnose a problem early and take the necessary steps to solve it before it turns into a big hassle.

These are the top four must-have qualities of an effective truck driving instructor. At Big Rig Driving School, our highly experienced and skilled Class 1 and 3 instructors teach people of all ages and use their expertise to make their driving lessons as fun and easy for learners as possible. For more information about our services, visit our website or contact us here today.

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