The global trucking industry has gone through a massive evolution in the last few decades due to the rising involvement of modern technology in the transportation process. Driving a large piece of equipment is certainly not an easy task. Therefore, trucking schools are available that provide reliable and modern training to budding truck drivers.

Nevertheless, the overall process of training new drivers is costly and time-consuming. It is also critical for trucking schools to maintain comprehensive records of the training sessions. Otherwise, in case of an accident, plaintiff attorneys can take advantage of any potential loopholes.

In such situations, it becomes even more important to rely on modern tools and technology to provide professional and efficient truck driver training. The following are the key training tips that every new, as well as an experienced driver, should keep in mind.

1. Advanced Safety Features

Technology has greatly evolved over the years and has made the trucking industry much safer than before. However, there are still a lot of risks involved in being a truck driver, so you should focus on getting proper training and using modern safety tools and technology to ensure maximum safety.

Nowadays, modern trucks come with various safety features, such as detecting whenever a vehicle is too close and adjusting the speed to maintain a safe distance. There is still a lot of room for wide-scale adoption of such safety features in numerous trucks.

2. Learning Management Systems (LMS)

The good thing about modern LMS is that you do not have to sit in boring classrooms and training sessions all day. Instead, you can rely on modern online platforms to conduct online training sessions.

In terms of the trucking industry, modern truck driving schools have LMS that provides comprehensive training and educational material on map reading, logging, and other such topics that enhance the skills and knowledge of truck drivers. To make your training more efficient, don’t shy away from using tools like LMS.

3. Customized Training

It is important to obtain customized training from a reliable truck driver school. The benefit of using customized training programs is that you are able to learn at your own pace and as per your requirements.

Moreover, different companies have their own set of rules and regulations related to truck driving practices. Generalized training programs can only help you to a certain extent.

Some large-scale trucking companies do provide thorough training sessions to their drivers in-house. However, these are typically not enough to become excellent at safe and efficient truck driving. Therefore, you should rely on the professional services of Big Rig Driving School to learn all about the best practices of truck driving.

4. Documentation

Documentation is critical when you are dealing with procedures related to training budding truck drivers. As a general rule, you should record everything. Even if you are not sure whether you should document a particular thing, you should do it because thorough documentation will help you in the long run.

Modern tools allow you to easily store various documents and forms in one place. Such documents are also often needed in vehicle inspections and internal audits. Therefore, when you store them electronically, you can easily send them to the relevant authorities with a few clicks.

These benefits prove the fact that adopting new tools and technologies to train new drivers and streamline the business management processes is critical for efficient training of the drivers.

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5. Decision-Making Skills

Every truck driver should possess good decision-making skills so that they are able to implement the best practices of the trucking industry and avoid unsafe actions that can lead to potential accidents.

These decision-making skills affect many different factors, such as load management, the specific route you take to make the deliveries, and dealing with other challenging situations.

It is important to start from the very basics, such as learning how to get in and out of a truck cab safely and then move towards more complex topics and situations. Ultimately, these vast skills and knowledge allow people to drive trucks safely.


Finding reliable truck driver training is not always an easy task because it is a complex and multifaceted process. Therefore, Big Rig Driving School in Edmonton takes great pride in the fact that we offer professional truck driving training to beginners as well as experienced drivers who want to enhance their driving skills and safely drive trucks.

If you want to benefit from our vast experience in truck driver training, you should contact us to get more information.

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