Can Truck Drivers Bring Their Family On The Road?

Most truck drivers have many questions regarding bringing their family members, such as their children and spouse on the road with them. So, are truck drivers allowed to bring their families with them on the road?

The answer is it depends, but in most scenarios truck drivers can bring their families with them. Some factors do have an impact on bringing your family with you, so it is important that you consider a few things before taking your family on the road along with you.

For many, bringing their families with them on lonely long rides may seem like a dream. Many truckers find it hard to maintain a work-life balance. As you are away on the road for days and possibly even months. So, many believe that taking a family member or a friend along on the journey will enable them to enjoy life while trucking. Here are some tips for bringing your loved ones with you on the road.

Check With Your Trucking Company

The first thing you need to do is to check your trucking company rider policy. You will have to ask your trucking company if there are any special restrictions or requirements that you should know before bringing your family on the road with you. There are many trucking companies that restrict drivers due to insurance-related issues. But if you own your truck and provide your own insurance then you will have to directly check with your insurance provider.

Some trucking companies won’t allow their new truck drivers to bring their family with them. So, if you have just started trucking you will have to wait for at least six months before you can ask your trucking company for permission. Many companies don’t allow truckers to bring their spouse or girlfriend immediately after completing their training. So, you should check with your trucking company beforehand.

Once you get the green light from your trucking company you can bring your family with you. But before that, you and your family will have to sign a waiver. This waiver will be releasing the trucking company from all the liabilities and then you can’t hold them liable for anything that goes wrong on the road. Your company will also probably provide you with a document to take with you, stating that they have approved that your family can travel with you.

Trucking With Children

Some companies have family rider policies that involve restrictions on bringing children. You will have to discuss the rider policy with your trucking company before you can bring your children on the road. There are no provincial and federal laws that prohibit babies, toddlers, or children from riding in a semi-truck. But there are trucking companies that have an age limitation and other restrictions, due to insurance.

So, you will have to check with your company on any restrictions they may have regarding children. But if you are the owner of your own insurance then you will have to check with your insurance providers. Once the company has allowed you they will give you a document that will state that they have allowed the child to be on the truck.

Check Your Route

Once you have all the permissions, you will have to start planning the route which you can take with your family. Trucking alone and trucking with your family are two different things. When you are alone you can travel from any route at any time, but when you have your spouse and children with you, you have to think about their safety too.

As a driver, you are the one who will determine the best route for your family. So, if you are trucking when the weather is harsh or the routes are not safe then you should avoid bringing your family with you.

Apart from that, you will also have to see what your daily activities will be as a truck driver. If bringing your family along will not let you focus on your job, then you should avoid bringing them with you. Additionally, you will have to consider the type of places you will have to stop at during trucking with your family. Are truck stops family-friendly? Some rest areas may include family-friendly restaurants, but others may not be suitable for your loved ones, especially children. So, you will have to think about all of this stuff before bringing your family along with you.

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