How Do Truck Drivers Stay Safe While Driving In The Winter?

When the temperature falls below 0 degrees, it can become quite hard to drive on the roads with long duty hours. However, there are some professional truck driving schools that train commercial drivers for this situation.

Driving on highways for long hours and driving heavy vehicles is a responsibility-demanding duty. Not everyone can do that, and necessary training is required to ensure every trip is successful. Therefore, getting training from a professional truck driving school becomes necessary.

Big Rig Driving School is one such experienced truck driving school based in Surrey, Vancouver, BC. We offer numerous packages for truck driving training which let you become a professional in this area.

Winter can be tough for truck drivers as this weather poses numerous challenges. There are visibility issues, the roads are slippery, and many other problems. But, there is a solution for every problem. This blog post talks about how truck drivers remain safe while driving in the winter.

They Inspect The Vehicle

The first step that every professional truck driver takes before heading on to the road in the winter is to inspect their vehicle. Checking the vehicle and making sure it is in perfect working condition is necessary to avoid accidents.

This might include checking the tire’s pressure, engine oil, and antifreeze levels before hitting the road. They might also get help from a professional mechanic to check everything beforehand. Other important things to check before heading on to the road include:

  • Checking the battery of the vehicle
  • Checking headlights
  • Ensuring that tires have enough traction
  • Ensuring that all mirrors are clean
  • Keeping extra fuel in the truck if possible

They Watch Out For Ice

Black ice, snow, and hail are common in the winter, and a professional truck driver must know how to combat these on the road. Black ice is more common but not easily visible in the winter. It is thin ice that is formed on the road. It is transparent, so one might not notice it is there.

However, it is quite slippery and can cause accidents if your tires are not in good condition. They are more common in shaded areas, bridges, and overpasses. So, slowing down your vehicle is a wise decision to take in such circumstances.

They Drive Slow

Driving slowly is one of the best strategies to adopt while driving in the winter season. You have to compensate for the snowy road conditions by reducing your speed. Moreover, it will not put pressure on your vehicle or its parts. Therefore, going slow on the accelerator is a good way for a professional truck driver to drive in the winter.

Also, professional drivers avoid doing anything sudden, like braking suddenly, changing lanes, and others. This helps to ensure a smooth trip.

They Have Enough Light

Visibility is another issue that is common in the winter. It can be quite difficult to drive in the winter season with snow falling due to reduced visibility. However, professional truck drivers are equipped with the necessary tools to combat this weather. They have strong headlights and chains on their tires that give good traction on the roads.

They Keep Their Distance From Other Vehicles

Maintaining plenty of distance from other vehicles on the road is a safe choice. Professional truck drivers are taught to maintain distance between other vehicles. It is even more necessary to keep a distance from other vehicles on the road in the winter. This prevents the risk of any accidents. Maintaining a safe distance from the vehicles in front of you, at the back, or beside you will give you enough time to think about applying your brakes and stopping.

They Have The Necessary Training

Truck drivers must receive the necessary training from a trucking school before they are allowed to drive commercially. These professional truck driving schools give necessary practical training to you to get a CDL. A CDL is a Commercial Driver’s License necessary to drive heavy vehicles. Therefore, if you want to become a professional truck driver, it is necessary that you enroll yourself in a truck driving school before.

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