Is Truck Driving An Ideal Career Option?

Some time ago, companies began to resort from skilled labour to academically well-qualified workforces. However, it didn’t take too long for businesses to realise that crammed theory is no match for seasoned skilled workers. As we speak, numerous companies, especially marketing agencies, app developers, publishers, etc, do not fancy a degree anymore. Instead, they focus on hiring the best skills and experience.

According to the World Economic Forum, skills will shape the earth’s future, not degrees. Companies like Apple, Google, Netflix no longer have degree requirements.

However, it took a while for the truck driving sector to realise this. Some time ago, truck driving was considered a middle class or low paying job. Despite the massive amount of working hours, extreme manpower requirements, and a lot of expertise truck drivers were often looked down upon. Nevertheless, we have lately witnessed a sudden surge in the number of candidates enrolling in numerous trucking schools across Canada.

The transportation industry has become one of the most competitive and well-paying industries. Moreover, you will see a ‘truck driver wanted’ sign every now and then. Surprisingly, this industry requires skills instead of a degree, but the skills were never cherished enough. So what has changed now?

‘If You Bought It, A Truck Brought It’

The answer lies in the pandemic. Initially, online shopping was already picking up pace, but COVID-19 acted as a catalyst in the process. In a matter of a few months, every business made an online store. Hence, when you buy something online, a truck driver is always needed to transport the goods to the relevant address.

However, the biggest player in the game was the giant Amazon. Over the years, it has created numerous jobs in the transportation industry. Other companies are now following in its footprints.

But precisely what makes truck driving an ideal career option?

As the leading and most reliable truck driving academy in Surrey, BC, we shall tell you exactly why becoming a truck driver is beneficial.

Why Should You Become A Truck Driver?

The answer to this question is quite vast. However, to give you an idea of the perks you shall enjoy, we will just name a few of the benefits of professional truck driving:

1. Booming Industry

According to the Canadian Trucking Alliance, Canada is currently experiencing a shortage of truck drivers and will require at least one million new drivers by the end of this decade. Hence, the industry boasts numerous employment opportunities. This trend is most likely to continue in the future.

2. Market Competitive Salary

The aforementioned shortage results in a race amongst trucking companies to hire and retain the best talent. Consequently, each company is always willing to pay better than their next-door competitor. The aftermath of the competition results in extremely lucrative salaries plus other employment benefits.

3. Gender Unbiased

The Canadian Trucking Association has also revealed that women truck drivers are not only as active as men in the industry, but are at their all-time high numbers. The latter shows that the industry does not show prejudice to any member of society and provides equal opportunities regardless of gender.

4. Job Security

From the above discussion and prevailing circumstances, it is clear that this shift of businesses from the conventional brick and mortar to the internet is irreversible. Hence, online shopping and all such things are here to stay. Therefore, there will never be a time when there will be ‘too many drivers that need retrenchment’. There will only be more and more online businesses to meet surging customer demands.

As a result, truck drivers will enjoy unmatched job security in the short and long run.

5. Opportunities For Growth

If truck driving is your passion, it is okay to do it throughout your career. However, if you have a thirst for growth and a desire to hold a prominent position, then the industry will offer you just that. You may start as a truck driver and climb your way up to your favourite position.

However, it is worth noting that these perks will not be handed over to you on a golden platter. You will need to show your merit for these benefits. The latter can be done by enrolling in any of our well-recognised truck driver training programs. We guarantee that you will never return empty-handed from any truck driver job test.

6. Adventurous And Challenging Work

Lastly, the best part about this job is that you will have the full privilege to explore various corners of the country. You may also travel internationally. Thus, if you are a travelling enthusiast who loves every bit of the driving process, this job is for you.

However, driving for long hours is not for the faint-hearted. Hence, the career path will pose numerous intriguing challenges which adventure enthusiasts will enjoy.

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