This Air Brake Course is for Class 2 and 3 drivers. Class 1 students can take the Air Brake Course as part of the Class 1 MELT Program. To add air brakes to a Class 5 or 7N license, the Air Brake Endorsement (code 15) Course is required.

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Air Brake Course

To become a Class 2 or 3 commercial driver, you must take an Air Brake Course as your first step. This course is required by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) to obtain a Class 2 or 3 license. Suppose you already have a Class 5 or 7N permit and want to add the ability to operate vehicles with air brakes. In that case, you will need to take the Air Brake Endorsement Course.

The Air Brake Course is a 7-hour program offered at approved driver training facilities like Big Rig Driving School.


At Big Rig Driving School, we provide a comprehensive Air Brake Course that teaches students about the benefits and safety features of an air brake system for heavy vehicles and how it functions. Our interactive classroom includes a hands-on air brake board that allows students to see and experience the air brake system firsthand.

This practical learning experience helps students prepare for the ICBC Air Brake knowledge test, a requirement for obtaining a commercial driver's license. Upon completing the Air Brake Course, students can take the Air Brake knowledge test and the Class 2 or 3 knowledge test at an ICBC Driver Licensing Office.

Air Brake Theory Course

Take the first step towards success with our comprehensive truck driving course.

Manuals and handouts are included with tuition.

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