Ways You Can Lose Your CDL License

Having a CDL license is necessary to drive a big rig or truck legally on the road. Without it, you could find yourself dealing with some serious problems and might have to pay hefty fines.

To pass a CDL license, you have to pass certain tests only then can you then start your career as a professional truck driver. Since it is a lucrative and popular choice of career in Canada, many people end up getting admission in big rig driving schools to get a CDL license.

Commercial truck drivers can be placed under intense scrutiny. If they are found guilty of an offense, they must pay hefty fines and might lose their CDL license. Therefore, it is important to understand the factors that might lead to the expulsion of your CDL license. This will help you prevent such losses.

This blog post mentions some ways which might help you prevent losing your CDL license.

Driving While Drinking Or After Drinking

Driving under the influence is a serious offense. If you are forced to take a breathalyzer test and you fail it, you will lose your CDL license right there and then. CDL licenses are quite strict in this case and might make you lose the license temporarily or permanently if you are driving under the influence.

Moreover, certain actions are also taken according to your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). If your BAC is 4.04 or higher, the license can be suspended for a few months up to a year.

Therefore as a professional truck driver, you must avoid drinking before hitting the highway or any road. Drinking while driving can end your career as a truck driver completely.

Violating Certain Traffic Rules

Driving a truck or a big rig is a big responsibility, and you must be aware of the traffic rules to drive a commercial truck. These safety rules and regulations have been formulated to keep everyone safe on the road and prevent accidents. Hence, while following the rules, you are not only keeping other drivers and passengers safe but are also avoiding potential ways in which you can get traffic tickets.

Violations of certain traffic rules can make you pay hefty fines, imprisonment, and lead to the suspension of a traffic license. Some countries like Canada are quite strict in this regard, so you must take special care to follow the rules while driving a commercial vehicle.

Some of the common scenarios that can lead to traffic violations are as follows:

  • Following too closely
  • Not following the speed limit or exceeding the speed
  • Driving after drinking
  • Driving any vehicle without a license
  • Distracted or reckless driving
  • Not following board signs on the road

Fleeing The Scene Of Incident

Another common mistake that many commercial truck drivers make is to flee the incident scene. This is morally, ethically, and legally wrong. Sometimes it is considered the same as drunk driving and, therefore, can lead to the suspension of your CDL license or other serious penalties.

Final Thoughts

Following traffic rules and being mindful of your driving duty is necessary to avoid losing your driver’s license. A professional truck driving school will teach you all the rules and regulations you must follow on the road as a commercial truck driver.

A CDL license suspension can be a great setback to your truck driving record. Moreover, driving with your expired license can also lead to fines and losing your job. Therefore, it is necessary for you to renew your license before it expires. Also, avoid taking any drugs or alcohol that can jeopardize your trucking career.

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