Regardless of the country, region, society, culture, ethnicity, or level of education, there are a few domains where women are least expected to enter. Not because women are unsuited or unskilled to do the job, but simply because society has embraced a widespread misconception that women are unsuitable to play certain roles. Let us consider the most prominent example: How many female heads of the states have you seen or heard of so far? To be fair, not many.

Similarly, another profession that was conventionally thought to be the men’s realm is the construction industry. It’s not often that you see a woman operating a crane on a construction site, now do you? The question is, why are women so underrepresented in some careers? Why do people believe that a woman is physically unfit to operate construction machinery? Let alone other sectors, let us discuss our very own trucking industry. How many female faces do we see in a trucking company’s parking lot?

Science and technology seem to be advancing with every passing day, but the aforementioned unanswered questions remain intact and unexplored. As Surrey’s top-rated truck driving school, we have decided to raise our voice against this continued gender bias and unfair treatment.

As a result, this blog post will discuss the conventional and current role of women in the trucking industry and will also look into other relevant aspects.

The Conventional Gender-Based Bias In The Trucking Industry

Like other aforementioned professions, trucking was traditionally considered a far-fetched dream for women. From time to time, society fed a woman’s mind with the fallacy that she was physically weak to drive for long hours across a country via new routes and roads. In fact, the thought of handling such a big vehicle was an unthinkable occurrence for many.

Amongst these misconceptions, the most persistent belief and the base on which all the falsehoods were formed was that the nature of the job and the sector as a whole were Unsafe for women. However, we want to make this crystal clear that the threats facing a woman in the trucking industry are not very different from the ones they meet in a formal office environment. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that women are just as much threatened or safe as a man behind a big rig’s wheel.

Nonetheless, it will not be fair to blame society for these myths. The trucking industry had been equally unresponsive and persistently turned a blind eye to the idea of encouraging women to enter the realm.

A Bright Ray Of Hope

Well, regardless of how enlightened and educated we become, such beliefs will never cease to exist in our lives. The good news is that the trucking industry gradually began to open up its doors of opportunities to women as well. Today, a woman stands an equal chance of getting a job in the trucking industry as a man.

With the exception of a few backward thinkers, almost every trucking company today announces loud and clear that their job placement procedures are solely based on merit and not on gender or any other factor. It is good to see that, although very slowly, gender bias and stereotype thinking are leaving our minds and workplaces. Today, a woman can confidently pursue a career as a truck driver and excel in it just like any other man. All that is needed to prosper in this sector is a combination of courage, persistence, motivation, and steadfast determination.

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How Can A Woman Excel In The Trucking Industry?

Although the bias is slowly fading, it is still present and can not be wholly overlooked. Thus, as a woman, your best chance of survival in the industry is choosing the right path. As a starting point, you must choose an unbiased truck driving school that will ultimately act as a bridge between you and your dream employer.

At Big rig Driving School, we make no bias between our male and female students. Instead, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are more inclined toward encouraging women to join our high-end truck training programs.

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Since the job involves long driving routes and numerous nights away from home, you will also need to prepare in advance for the upcoming work-family challenges. You will need to sit down with your family and discuss the right approach to solving the dilemma. You and your husband could collectively come up with a plan on how to manage the needs of the family.

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